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Ankle pain from boots

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A friend of mine gets pain on the ankle bone from his Lange boots. The pain reduces as the boots bed in over the season but re-occurs at the start of each season.

I suggested that he fine a good boot fitter in London and get them blown-out. Can anybody recommend a good boot fitter in the London area?

Are there any other possible solutions he should try?

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Just got a reply from Henry @ DMS&S. He suggests Snow + Rock, High Street, Kensington. But his main thought was that you'd be better getting it done at a resort, so, what resort are you going to?

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Thanks Fox,

My mate is going back to Avoriaz again this weekend, but it would be good if he could get the boots sorted out before he went. I was thinking that using a reputable English company with a good boot fitter would be easier and safer.

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I've had a couple of British instructors highly recommend Lockwoods in Leamington Spa.
They apparently do the boots for some of the GB ski team.
Probably a bit of a trek, but it could be worthwhile.
It's where I'll most likely be getting my new boots from this year, when i finally get around to it...
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