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steamboat springs

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For my trip to Colorado next Wednesday, Steamboat Springs just quoted me a good price for two days/two nights. But how long and unpleasant is the trip from DIA?... arriving at 6:45 pm after a 3.5 hour flight. Are there any nasty passes to climb?

It seems like a no-brainer -- I'm going with my girlfriend, so it'll have lots of intermediate terrain for her, plus great tree-skiing, and it seems like they have the best conditions of the northern Colorado resorts.
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Why not fly to Hayden? It's a 30 minute shuttle to Steamboat on good roads. Once you're there, you really don't need a car since there's a decent free bus service from the ski area to town. Steamboat also subsidizes flights so it's often cheaper to fly to Hayden than DIA.
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Too late, I already have my plane tix. Oh, and I read through the First Tracks Ski News links that Steamboat nixed the subsidized flights from Newark for all but the Xmas season this year because of the poor market conditions.
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The trip from Denver is about 3 hours or so up to Steamboat. It will be longer if it is snowing. The pass you need to worry about is Rabbit Ears Pass between Kremling and Steamboat. If it is snowing, you will have a great time, Steamboat is a fantastic moutain on a powder day.
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The drive from DIA is at least three hours in good weather. Be extremely careful on Rabbit Ears Pass. Every year it has it’s share of nasty accidents. Watch for out for deer and blowing snow between Kremling, “The Sportsman’s Paradise”, and Steamboat. I’ve had a few friends hit a few over the years. Also, don’t speed down the west side of the pass or anywhere in town. It’s crawling with cops looking for out of state plates or rentals.

The majority of plates in Routt County start with the letters “VX”, Eagle County “EM”, Summit County “WP”, etc… Therefore, everyone can look at your plates and immediately know if you are from out of town, which one reason I think the state has issued new white plates for anonymity. The last thing you want on your trip is a parting gift from the local authorities.

We had dinner Saturday night with some friends who live in the Boat and said the mountain was looking good. I think they have about 2000 acres open already. Additionally, go to the season pass office and ask if you can still get a Steamboat Card. The card will give discounts on your tickets. Have a safe trip.
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What a drag... I had to drop my plans for Steamboat because I need to be back in Denver by 8 pm Friday night (my brother's 40th birthday party -- that's why I was concerned about the driving time)... so, it's off to Summit County. The blow is being softened by two free nights in a condo near Copper.

Do any Denver Bears know which area is going to be in the best shape for Thursday & Friday? Most seem to be about 25-35% open...
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Vail probably has the best snow. Its just 15 min or so from Copper. We skied Copper this past Sat. Good snow there as well. So, I would ski em both.
You should not find any crowds on thurs or friday.

Have fun. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Vail has a ton open; most of the front side, chair 5, and China Bowl. The rest of the back side and Blue Sky Basin open on the 15th. We were there Friday and Saturday and much of the week before. The upper lifts are running, which alleviates the crowds at the bottom of the mountain.

You will run into crowds on Friday, but Thrusday should be fine. The conditions feel like mid January, with more snow on the way this week.

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That's a good idea...

I assume that Vail doesn't sell discounted lift tix through King Soopers. Anyone know how to ski Vail without paying $60 a day?
(The Perfect Ten deal won't apply to me for such a short stay and yes, Yankee cheapness is difficult to shake.)
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Why pay Full Vail Retail? See if you can find someone with a Colorado Card/Pass. They should be able to get you a discounted ticket. But as for the price??! I don't know, never really "bought" a ticket.

I'd join you for a couple turns, but the J.O.B. requries me to be in Atlanta! :

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Vail is still pretty pricey with even if you can find some one with a Colorado Pass. I skied Copper the last three days and the snow was good, especialy on Sat. under the Alpine lift. You can get $26 lift tickets at Copper by purchasing a Copper card for $10 at the ticket window. You can purchase up to 4 tickets a day on one Copper Card so you only need one.
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Last year REI sold Vail tickets, have no idea about this year though (303)756-3100. Woodpile is right, probably the cheapest way to get a ticket is to ask someone with a pass to buy the ticket for you. Almost everyone skiing has a pass so it should not be to hard.

I got a flyer in the mail announcing that the 4 packs for Copper are back on sale unitl 12-21, or until they run out, which may have happened already. 4 tickets for 79.00-on sale at King Soopers and Safeway stores.
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I have some friends comming out in Feb. to ski Vail and called REI about tickets for Vail and they said they are no longer selling discounted Vail tickets. Vail pretty much sticks it to out of state skiers.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LG:
I have some friends comming out in Feb. to ski Vail and called REI about tickets for Vail and they said they are no longer selling discounted Vail tickets. Vail pretty much sticks it to out of state skiers.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

well someone has to pay for all those cheap passes we get
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Check out the "Peak Card" on Vail's web site. It gives you a slight discount at least.
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Posted by Kima:
well someone has to pay for all those cheap passes we get

My thoughts exactly.
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Hey, I know when I'm not wanted...

Looks like I'm going to stick to Copper, Winter Park or Breckenridge (they're opening Peak 8 on Friday).
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definitely try to make it out to Vail, the skiing there right now is very good, I would even dare say worth the 60 dollars especially if you have free lodging to offset the course. Vail right now blows every other Colorado resort out of the water hands down with no apologies.
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