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Mammoth in early Feb-Comments?

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I am an Upstate NYer headed for three days of skiing in Mammoth February 10-12. What should I expect? I am used to IceFace (Whiteface), Gore Mountain (cold, windy),plus Stratton, etal. Also, have enjoyed park City, Keystone, and Breck past two years. I hear Mammoth is snow-deprived so far. Should I worry? Also, which 2 pair of these should I bring: Atomic 9.16SL, Rossignol Bandit XX, Volkl P40 Platinum?
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you should be prepared for some of the best
skiing of your life, for one. i assure you.

it's LARGE. plenty to explore.

snow-wise, by then odds are HUGE things'll
be fine, perhaps even grrrrrrrreat!
the "weather" you're most likely to get
could be some wind that sometimes shuts
stuff down at the cornice (the "top").
(temps in the 30's today.)

as far as your choice of skis, you'll get
replies from more ski-experienced folks.


i might be there 'round that time, in which
case, i'll POST accordingly.

also, take a mental picture, 'cause that place won't be recognizable in a few years
with all the development and new airport.

anyway, be excited. be VERY excited.

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January can be a stormy month so don't worry about base depth, yet. When the base builds you have one of the best mountains in North America. Highly unlikely that you'll encounter New England temps or snow quality. When not stormy, daytime temps should run from the mid 20's to low 40's. When stormy the upper mtn may close, again look to chair 22. Mammoth can have some wicked winds, makes for awesome wind blown off of chair 23. If you should be blessed with fresh snow check out some of the older double or triple chairs to the far east and far west, good terrain.

The terrain is mostly au natrual, minimal tree cutting, etc. Very differnt from most CO. resorts. Two or three base areas all accessed by high-speed chairs and a gondola.
You'll find plenty of groomers, awesome steeps(chair 22, 23, upper gondola) and plenty in between. There is something for everyone. It's called Mammoth for a reason, and I don't think its a wooly one.

If you have the time try to get to Hot Creek for a soak in a natrual hot creek. Mammoth is geologicaly active. Off of chair 3(skiers right on bluff high above chair 5) you may encounter a sulphur stench that is one of the vents from the Long Valley Caldera exposed at the surface.

XX, P40's.
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Chances are that you should have some great skiing. Feb can be a stormy type of month, last year was pretty dry early on and then it really dumped in Febuary so be prepared for storms and hopefully lots of snow. I have skied alot of places but still love the terrain and variety that Mammoth has to offer so have fun.
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Go to Mammoth's website, check out last year's snowfall history. This is very typical of a bad snow year for Mammoth. They seem to always catch up by Feb.
For skis to bring, I would go with the XX and your shorty slaloms. If you get a big dump, do yourself a favor and rent some real fats for the day ( May I suggest Volant Chubbs? ). The snow is different from what you have skied before, and they will make the day much more enjoyable.
Best snow on the mountain? Check out the Avalanche Chutes off chair 22.
Or try Paranoid Flats. If Dave's run has a cornice on it, you MUST jump it! If you get a nice warm day, try the south facing slopes off of 22 and 14. Unbelieveable springlike snow.
If you like bumps, head for the Facelift Express. Since they put in a hi-speed quad, it takes very little time to bump up that run.
Best place to eat? Try a restaurant in Manhattan! I have yet to find truly good food at Mammoth.
Also, at least one day, have a beer at the main lodge and watch the truly sick air in the terrain park. Or catch some yourself!
I sent an picture of Mammoth to AC, look for it on the "pictures" thread in a few days. It has almost the entire area.<FONT size="1">

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Tjazz, check out the pictures thread on the general section.
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Thanks, Barking Bears. Very helpful feedback.
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