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Wa Wa on Saturday

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So is it gonna suck and be crowded or just suck?

How is the snow cover?
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Killington was in great shape yesterday. OL had nice bumps but you had to be carfeul of bear spots in a couple of places. All the trails had good coverage. I would say this is going to be the last great weekend for covereage. Some area's, you well want to look at before you bomb down. but that's only on trails where they don't make snow.
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I assume by WaWa you mean Wachusett. Conditions this week have been very good. Thanks to 10" last week the cover is still good. Saturday shouldn't be crowed. However, the weather for this week-end doesn't look promising. Bring your GorTex and ski, it should be fun.
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Conditions were pretty good last Saturday, due to the heavy snow they got the week before. The snow in the morning was really, really nice, but by afternoon it was a little slushy (temps at the base of the lift in the sun were nearing 50F). It was pretty crowded, but the lines went reasonably quickly -- 10-15 min. or so. coverage was quite good.

I'd use that free ticket you have soon -- the conditions aren't likely to be getting any better . Though NE skier is right -- I think most of the region is supposed to be pretty warm and/or rainy the next few days. Sunday might be a better bet for Wa.
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just to follow up, up to two kids can ski free at Wachusett with each paying adult this month.
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