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Wide, Oversize Ski's ? Rossi 9S

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I noticed that last year Rosssi made the same ski in two widths.
What's the deal with that?

T-Power 9S w/Plate sidecut 103-65-93

T-Power 9S oversize w/PPS Plate sidecut 115-63-104

Why a wide slalom ski? I think next year 2004 will have a regular and oversize GS 9X.

Why would I want a wider ski?
Why would I want a narrow ski?
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The oversize is actually narrower at the waist, but it has wider tips and tails. Wouldn't that give it a tighter turning radius? (Disclaimer: I am totally new to these shaped things.)

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Oh, look what a short Google search turned up: a memo from Rossignol explaining why the oversize...


Memo from Rossignol Racing Dept. -9/01




In order to continue to deliver you the best products and recommendations, the Race Department is constantly testing new equipment. We have an ongoing test program, gathering data year round, on all of our race products. This past winter season and throughout the summer we have focused a great deal of time on testing junior skis and sizing. With six years of junior testing under our belts with super side cut GS skis, being the first company to start testing the short sidecut SL skis already 4 years ago, Rossignol is clearly the leader in the junior product and selection. We are happy to pass on our findings to help you make the most accurate equipment decisions. In this information page and the following chart (on the back), you will find all the information needed to make equipment decisions with regard to short SL skis, GS skis, Boot models, Bindings, and Performance Plates. The Rossignol Race Department hopes you will find this information useful and wishes you an excellent winter of racing. Good luck at the races!


Ski selection, both model and length, always will be very personal and to a large degree a very subjective decision. We offer you the tools (conclusions drawn from concrete test data) so that you can make a more informed decision with regard to your choice of ski. The following points are some of the common trends we noticed as a result of our testing, which should be taken into consideration when making model and length decisions.

Optimal ski length is determined by the following order: ability, strength, and weight. Although this is not new information, these factors are accentuated by the new generation of deeper side cuts and stronger constructions, as well as the extreme shape skis.
Rossignol skis constructed with â DUALTEC and PPS Plates can and should be skied in shorter lengths. Lower ability athletes should always select the shorter size, when between sizes.
Performance plates have shown over the last 10 years to be an extremely important interface between ski and binding. Plates allow the ski to flex in a more natural pattern. Hence, the ski is able to carve a much cleaner arc, which leads to faster times. All of the Rossignol Racing skis now come with an integrated plate.

new****T POWER 9S OVERSIZE****new

Now that Short slalom skis are here to stay. Rossignol has taken the next step and brings to racing the introduction of the Oversize side cut. We are going shorter in lengths than ever before, and the side cut is dramatically increased to make Slalom skis super quick. In every test the new oversize side cut demolished the competition’s skis.
The 9S Oversize has sidecut dimensions of 115 in the tip, 65 in the waist and 104 in the tail. This aggressive sidecut makes for a very fast carving SL ski for all levels and sizes.
The Oversize design has been so successful in the Junior ranks that the World Cup has followed their lead. 100% of the Rossignol racers use the short Oversize T Power skis for Slalom.
As you know from last years testing results the short 9S Race Carve was a vast improvement over conventional SL skis by a large amount. This year we are boasting even greater time advantages, produced by the new Oversize 9S versus even last year winning T-Power 9S. Rossignol has made Slalom Racing a new sport. The new T Power 9S Oversize has produced faster race times, due to its giant sidecut, allowing racers to carve quicker and cleaner arcs, leading to faster times.
SL SIZING: Please use the reference chart on the back of this page, along with the information here to help you determine (with your coach) the model and length that is right for you.
The 9S Oversize will be offered in 2 sizes only. 150cm for the women and Junior 3 (12 to 14 year old) athletes, and 158cm for the older men (15 years old and older). Testing clearly determined the need for only 2 sizes.


new****9X PRO PPS****new

The 9X PPS is also a completely new construction for 2002. With the new Power Pulsion System the construction of the ski is combined with an integrated plate. The PPS Plate rests directly on the sidewalls of the ski allowing for quick and efficient transfer of energy from the skier to the edge. The revolutionary integrated concept enhances edge grip and stability both directly under the foot and throughout the entire length of the ski.
With the 9X PPS ski you will be able to ski faster on shorter lengths, with more sidecut, and remain comfortably stable at high speeds. Never again will you fear the fast icy Giant Slalom Courses.

Rossignol Racing
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