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Skiing Argentina

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Just a heads up to consider going to Argentina if you’re after some southern skiing. I arrived back from Buenos Aires yesterday and was shocked at how inexpensive the place has become. When I was last there the Peso was tied to the US dollar 1=1 however it is now floating at about US$1 = 3.6 Peso, and you can do better on the street. In other words the prices have effectively dropped to about one third they were! It was too early in the season to ski this trip but I’m now seriously looking at going back to Bariloche in August.

I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has skied there.


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Thanks Dchan, just goes to show I should read the forum titles a little more carefully. I plead a case of terrible jetlag
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I was thinking of teaching there for the southern season, but general instability and the horrible value of the currency put me off. Their food is brilliant.

Do you find jetlag is the same going both ways? I always find I'm fine when I get to Canada/US, but coming home, i'm in la-la land for days. Our bright sunshine doesn't help. Makes one feel very weird.
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I'm with you ant.
Went over a couple of years ago to Canada, left Oz at 9:45am and got 3 hours night skiing in on the "same" day before hitting the hot tub. Absolutley fabulous, heros in our own minds.
Coming home, was completley stuffed for days, walking around in some sought of fog and had to pretend to be on top of things.
As for Argentina, I have no experience.
My dream was always to waterski in Beruit in the morning and snowski in the afternoon. I have put that on hold!
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Actually the bright sunshine helps reset one's body clock.

The food is nice in Argentina (but I wouldn't want to be a vego), but the people are even nicer.
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That "fog" is so familiar! it's like you're not really here, or behind glass, or something. This time around, I just sat in my parents' garden and drank beer in the sunshine being harassed by chihuahuas.

You can do the Beirut thing here, almost. I remember back in 74, which was a huge season, we spent the week at Perisher, then drove home to Canberra, threw ski stuff out of car, threw beach stuff in and were at our beach house 3 hours later (in sight of sea).

Yeah, Argentina has a lot going for it. I've never met a bad Argentinian, and meat is good!
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Fog? Imagine doing it for a living then, it's like a permanent white-out [img]smile.gif[/img]
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And we put our lives in their hands every time we cross the Pacific.
Hopefully, they handle it better than we do! Beers or no Beers.
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How long before a flight do you have to lay off the beer?
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Hey Ant. The regulations are 8 hours before a flight but also 0 blood alchohol.
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blah. That's one job definitely off the list for me!
I'd ask you why Qantas drops their planes onto the ground from a great height when landing, but i guess that's a deep dark secret?
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Lowering 400 thousand kilograms of metal through a moving, variable, and sometimes unpredictable air mass on to a thin strip of asphalt while doing 250 kph aint as easy as it looks

Bit like trying to do a nice bump run during an earthquake [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I’m now seriously looking at going back to Bariloche in August.

Any particular reason why you're interested in Bariloche?
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