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Quebec region, any good advice

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We are going to quebec in a couple of weeks and will be skiing Mont sainte anne, le massif and stoneham. Any advice or recommendations as to the better ski school or better resort. I enjoy steep and groomed, my wife not so steep and groomed.

Any advice welcome (apart from don't go, as its booked!!)

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Be sure to check out the Sugar Shack at MSA. As far as steep runs go, check out La Crete and La Beauregard. They will will be steep and proably groomed. La S and La Super S are also steep, but probably moguled out. If you get any fresh snow, check out the tree run La Brunelle. MSA is an easy mountain to figure out where your going, as you look up from the base area, the farther left you look, the steeper it gets. There is a back side of the mountain, but it all leads to 1 lift. If your going to go back there, make sure it is either the first 2 runs of the day, or the last 2, else you will wait in line a very long time for a chair.

I wish I could help you out on Le Massif, but it was not open when I was up there this year, let me know what you think of that mountain.
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