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Will A-Basin make it through Memorial Day?

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I'm heading to Colorado the week before for business and was hoping to do some "beachin at the basin"

How's it looking?
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Well, we are supposed to get some snowflakes down here starting tomorrow night and last into Friday. No major accumulation expected here. A friend went skiing up at Loveland yesterday and said that The Ridge is still winter-like and had powder. Of course down low it was slush. I expect the same would be true over at A-Basin.
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I have not been to A-Basin yet this year. I plan to go next week when Loveland closes. The last two storms were upslopes and according to many folks little snowfall occured west of the divide.

Loveland is below average this year in terms of snowfall, however, it's still very good.

I think A-Basin will be fine through May.
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The Basin was great on Tuesday- coverage was mostly excellent, some blown shallow powder near the top, a bit slushy down below (only found that at the end of the day). I got there late, so I don't know if it was icy in the morning, but conditions were terrific after noon. The East Wall was open, but I had been working almost all night so was too tired to make the
climb. It is snowing like crazy here in Denver right now, so I hope that they are getting some more up there!
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I'm guessing they'll remain open till about June 1 just to say they did it. It got really nice here a few weeks ago and things started melting.. then winter returned and it's been cold for days. We're getting snow right now actually. As long as things stay about like they've been we'll be ok. If we get a few weeks of unseasonably hot weather it will kill it.

That's why I'm going to Costa Rica in a few hours [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Basin is looking quite good. I think they're reporting 99% open as of this past weekend. They got 3.5 feet of snow in April, and temps weren't all that bad. The only bad meltoff is around the beach area where its completely flat to slightly south facing, however the slopes look plenty good including Pali. Stuff up high off of Lenawee is exceptional and they have plenty of staircases open on the East Wall. Also, you can buy a pass thats good for the rest of this season and ALL of next season for $219.

- Paul
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great to hear as I'm up to a-basin from Indiana for the next 3 days

I had a dream last night that we got there and it was all gone - no snow at all. Ok, it was a nightmare!
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some bad news- the website reports they closed pali today. Amazing- the coverage was still very good on Sunday. They are still opening the east wall, however, and the upper mountain should still be good. It is hot as hell here in Denver (87 today, 20 degrees more than the usual temp for this time of year) and temperatures are not expected to moderate until next week. I plan to be at the Basin on Monday- will anyone else?
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Yes they did! Little soft , but the Beer was Cold!
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I was there on Sunday- snowing all day, icy under 4-6" of new. Planning to go up again tomorrow, which may be my last day of the season, depending on what conditions are.
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