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Gearing down for next year?

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In the odd, but apparently true category, I was checking flights from Washington DC to Vail Eagle County Airport (EGE) for a trip next winter when I found the following. United Airlines will no longer be flying BA 146s from Denver International Airport into EGE. (You can't get directly from Washington DC to EGE) Instead, they will use a dornier prop jet. The difference in seating between the two types of aircraft is that the BA 146 (which is a jet) has about 50-60 seats more than the dornier prop. Also, for those of us who have family members that won't fly prop jets, it means Vail is much less accesible.

I assume that United Airlines is trying to save costs. My guess is that for anyone using Denver International for a changeover to EGE, flying into EGE just got a lot harder.
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The Dornier are really nice small planes.
Avionics are right up there with 777. Much lower operating costs for short trips. If you really want to fly right into EGE why not make the connection in Ord or DFW. Better yet is just fly direct to DEN and catch CME or drive.
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While I can understand your desire to ski the 200" less snow that Vail gets : & experience that truckstop ambiance, there are a number of airlines that fly jets directly from DC to Salt Lake City. big ones too.
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Matt, Thanks, but you're preachin' to the choir as Alta is my favorite resort. The problem is that I have a wife that doesn't ski and two young kids who need more than just skiing to do. In short, I need Disney World with Snow, hence Vail. Park City isn't my favorite so that's out and Snowbird isn't the best for resort for beginners (which I hope my wife becomes along with the kids).
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I apologize. That is the first legitimate Vail argument I have ever heard.
I imagine staying in SLC is out of the question?
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