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When the snow is great not much can beat Saddleback in Maine. I dig any mountain that you have to take a t-bar to the top and I will bet anything that if you have bought ski's in the past three years you have the newest equiptment there, but watch out the locals are always willing to school you on straight ski's from the 80's. STEEP AND TIGHT!
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Oakiebum , It goes with out saying .
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One day a year, to celebrate its birthday, Mad River Glen knocks back the ticket price to 1949 levels: $3.50 if you show up wearing old clothes/old skis. $15 if your stuff is new. I like MRG for the funk, but one serious problem is they won't allow snowboards. Not a problem for me, but my 12-year-old and most of his buds are boarders, so I can't organize an expedition. The high point of our season is our annual daytrip to Jay Peak, me and 4 12-year-olds, during February vacation. Jay's market is 70% Montreal, so a lot of the crowd is speaking French. Jump in the aerial tram, and you think you're in Europe. The kids talk about it all year. They give Vermonters a break on the ticket: $33. Also, they take Canadian at par, so a quick stop at a bank saves an out-of-stater about 36%. They're developing glades as a market niche, opening new ones each year. Jay is at the north end of the spine of the Green Mountains, so the Nor'easters, bringing in moisture from the Gulf of Maine, and the fronts coming in from the Great Lakes hit Jay first, so they get more snow up there. I choose Jay over MRG. They're both great mountains but the snowboard thing irks me, I guess.
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According to their website, you now have to produce some sort of Canadian ID to take advantage of the Canadian-at-par deal... makes sense for Jay Peak, but non-Vermonters now have to pay full price for lift tix.
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Quick question about Jay. Do they have steeps (as in 'jump turn required')?
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This reply is to answer the two previos posts. I have seen somthing about needing canadian ID's for the past few years but have never been asked about one before at the hill. I an not a jay local and don't know if this is changing but have never had a problem before. and the second answer is yes. they do have the steeps that you want. Look for Powder's article on the Jay Peak IFS event last season and there are some pic's of some of the terrain. I think it was in this years 1st issue. Anywhere on the top of the mountain under the tram will get your attention. Have fun.
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I first started skiing MRG back in the 70's when I was in college. I was friends with a girl who grew up skiing there and whose family had a dead lock on the family cup race they used to hold every year. It was humbling chasing somebody down all that ledge area in the woods where she knew every nook and cranny of the place like it was her own back yard. I still remember my first run down Paradise. Turn, turn, turn, whoah! Biff. What was that? Oh, that was a waterfall? I ski MRG a few times every year but _ONLY_ midweek. I'd recommend the experience to anyone. When the skiing is good, the line at the single chair on weekends is rediculous. The 1800 co-op shareholders chant the "quality over quantity" mantra but a day with 6 or 7 runs with the bulk of your time standing in a liftline isn't "quality" where I come from. I think MRG would be better served limiting ticket sales on weekends.

Does Jay Peak have jump turn steeps? There are some turns under the Tram liftline that would qualify but it's in New England so there's nothing truly steep for very long. 350" average natural snowfall sounds great 'til you thaw it 4 or 5 times per year. With a Vermont driver's license, you sure can't complain about their day ticket prices. They used to allow Americans to buy day tickets with Canadian money at par. I'm told they're doing away with that this year and you'll have to show Canadian ID to get the Canadian rate. The thing I love about Jay is the tree skiing. They've done a fantastic job of thinning things out and they have enough acres of trees that the snow surface is usually superb.

When the skiing is good, Magic Mountain is a fun little retro area. It doesn't have the challenge of MRG but it blows away the groomed cruisers found at all the other southern Vermont ski areas.

Smugglers Notch is too developed to qualify as MRG-like but it's so difficult to get there that their snow quality is superb. It probably gets 1/3 the skier visits of Stowe and has pretty much the same number of acres. Now that Jay Peak has learned to market themselves properly, Smuggs might be the better weekend option in Northern Vermont.
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Those of you in the NE need to check out Ragged Mountain, NH. It was 14 bucks about 7 years ago, it's a great place and has a couple challenging runs by eastern standards.
It was my second favourite place next to PICO ,when i skied that neck of the woods.
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Pebble Creek, ID.
Montana Snow Bowl, MT.
Discovery Basin, MT.
Turner Mountain, MT.
Westcastle, AB.
Mt. Baker, WA.
Anthony Lakes, OR.
Arizona Snow Bowl, AZ.
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nothing is like MRG, but there are areas with a similar "the soul of skiing" aura. a few near me that come to mind are Snowbowl, Lost Trail, Turner, and Lookout Pass. Lookout Pass actually gives free 1-hour beginner lessons!

re: no snowboards at MRG -- That is a good thing. For those folks who ride tongue depressors, or whose kids ride tongue depressors, the solution is easy -- LEARN TO SKI!!

OkieSkiBum -- Although Jay's claimed snowfall last year was 580", according to local meteorologists the actual snowfall was closer to 380".

give me the Anti-Resort any day.... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thats true, nothing is like MRG. But then nothing is like Taos, Wolf Creek, Crested Butte, Red Mountain, Chamonix, Jackson Hole . . . there are lots of great places with insanely steep, tight and high areas. And they each are unique, so we'll never run out of places to explore!

(And we haven't even gotten to talking about where the real 'soul' of skiing resides . . . the backcountry!)

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I didn't even know this place existed until this morning, but it looks like fun... has anyone here skied it before?
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