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Ski areas like Mad River Glen

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I know it is similar to the "Best Value Resort" topic, but I wanted to put together a list of ski areas like Mad River Glen. Areas where the "soul" of skiing is still in place, with a focus on skiing (not real estate or apres-ski or a "village" or whatever), a sense of community, maybe some history and connections to local community.

I enjoy skiing at big resorts, but I also enjoyed my experience at Mad River Glen and am looking for similar places to throw into the ski mix.

Your suggestions?
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I skied in Egan's and Deslaurier's camp at my home resort, Red Mountain. They all said that it was like "a big Mad River Glen".
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by worldfishnski:
I skied in Egan's and Deslaurier's camp at my home resort, Red Mountain. They all said that it was like "a big Mad River Glen".<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yes - but like a REALLY big MRG with much better snow, and less "can you keep up" attitude. Red Mountain is a great place.
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Red is a great mountain! Whitewater etc are too! Todd...I can't believe you didn't mention Taos! We can't always keep it a secret!
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a great place in the catskills would be ski plattekill. killer trails. the great thing is that they have a t bar accessing the best trails on the mtn which discourages thos who truely can't meet the challenge off the better trails. it's tough when i bring my wife because she hates the t bar, but the few runs i get in are truely incredible. [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]null[/img]
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There are lots of great mountains, wasn't talking about anything but MRG and Red Mountain. But now that you mention it . . . don't believe her folks, ignore the lady behind the curtain. You would hate Taos, its too far south to get good snow, its crowded, expensive, rude people everywhere, no good terrain - I would recommend Vail or Aspen instead. :
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Jay, Gore, Wildcat, Loveland, Eldora, Bogus Basin, Whiteface. Is Loon still in business?
A-Basin. Alta. Eastern Townships, Quebec.
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i don't care for big resorts: here are a few of my non-resort favs in N.E.:

i have never actually skiied MRG (it's on my to do list this year), but i'm familiar with the way the mountain operates and what it offers. one place you might want to check out is Magic Mountain, VT. Magic relies mostly on natural snow, and they don't groom much. lots of trails will have sticks and stuff sticking up outta the snow all season. there's some great challenge in all aspects of skiing, the trails are cut great, very very few people, CHEAP tickets (mid week specials around $20), a very minimalist approach, no resort feel, old lifts, etc.

Magic is definately a fun mountain with some great challenge. probably one of VT's best hidden gems.

also in N.E., i find i connect with the 'soul' of skiing at places like wildcat and cannon where trails date back to the CCC and there isn't a hotel in sight. people are there to ski, and the terrain is classic. for history, try cannon just for the ski museum at the base of the tram.

also on my to do list this year: tuckerman ravine, that's soul and history in N.E. skiing and definately no resorts there. can't beat the value either: free.
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Magic kicks ass! I was talking to Ski Minker when she was in Bozeman and i was really glad to hear Magic was still in business. Or in business again i suppose.

Another ski area that i think is alot like MRG is Bridger Bowl.
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BG - were you serious about Loon? : Loon is probably the anti MRG. It's extraordinarily popular in NE and expensive. It's too easy of a drive from Boston to not be popular and crowded.
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That's what I thought also. He must have been kidding!
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I gotta second Ski Plattekill , the place is about the skiing and nothing but the skiing . The owner loved the place and the sport so much when he was a kid , he bought it when he grew up . No resort type atmosphere here . The mountain is wide open , ski any where you want , on trail off trail or even of the back of the mountain ( OZ ) and hitch a ride back up , no problem getting a ride . Plattekill is only open Fri Sat and Sun , unless they get a dump , then they open up for an unreal, uncrowded powder fest that lasts all day . Also on my soulful NE list would be Hickory in Warensburge NY .It is a Co Op much like MRG . A low key place with a rowdy little hill.
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This might seem odd, but I can think of a couple places in Southern California that might qualify. Mt Baldy, and Mt. Waterman in the San Gabrials, are both totally rockin' hills that depend on natural snow, have very little grooming, killer backcountry acces, and some truely steep skiing. Waterman's lower face is proably the best bump run South of Mammoth. Baldy is the only So Cal area where I have been cliffed out. Soul skiing one hour from downtown LA. Cool. Of course, I have not been to either area in about seven years, I hope nothing has changed.
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I'll tell you what has changed. Waterman is a better bump run than anything at Mammoth!
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I think I was thinking cannon when I said Loon!
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I also strongly recommend Plattekill. Few crowds, mostly natural snow, and no one skiing in a NY Jets jacket. In other words, the antithesis of Hunter Mountain.

Burke, VT is pretty good as well.
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Cannon is a nice mountain - and far less crowded than big brothers Loon and Waterville. A little cold a times.. but challenging and not as expensive. I know they planned on expanding to include the old Mittersill trails, but I haven't heard if (or when) that will happen.
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Orford in Quebec's Eastern Townships for terrain (just not as much of it).

Big Squaw in Maine for friendliness/atmosphere. Ditto Big Rock - which has some good hike-to terrain too. Nothing to compare to 20th/Lost Nation though.

Possibly Valinouet WAY up nord dere in Quebec for both terrain and feel, but I haven't been there yet. On the hit list for this year. I certainly don't expect it to be glitzy.
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Vt Skier:
i think the mitersill expansion is scheduled to be completed for the 2002-2003 ski season (last i heard, unless plans changed). a great (but slightly outdated) explanation of the project by Chip Olson is at the following URL:
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McCauley Mtn.,NY, Snow Ridge, NY.
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Hickory Hill in NY. 1500 ft vert. 2 T bars and a Poma. No snow making, no grooming. You can't get to the base lodge (see:Barn) from the parking lot. It makes MRG look like Stratton.
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Yeah but does Hickory Hill have an adolescent saying like "Ski it if you can"?

(Note: Even mountains around the world where people die like flies because of the steeps, cliffs and avalanches don't have silly sayings like that!)
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BG- You mentioned Eldora....please....tell NO ONE!

The editors of Ski Magazine almost blew it when they called it their favorite place to ski.
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Eldora is great except on weekends when its invaded by Denverites.
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As I have heard the story, "Ski it if you can" was originally a reference to how much of a pain it used to be for out of staters to get to MRG, not anything to do with the terrain. When most other mountains in NE started contouring and grooming the soul out of their slopes the new meaning came to take a greater signifigance.
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Phil , Did you know that they let you stay upstairs in the barn for free ? All you gotta do is ask . But don't forget your cold weather bag and a pillow .
PS: MRG and Stratton in the same sentence ? Go straight to your room young man .
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Todd- Beg to differ. Denverites like SCSA head to Summit County. I never saw a lift line at Eldora last year AND the SSD says he has never seen a drop of rain in four years. We do get invaded by Boulderites, but, they are good folks.
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I must have visted 'Dora on a bad day last time (it was a holiday).

Who is the SSD there now?

Rain? The point eludes me! What ski area in CO does it rain at in the winter? For 12 years I worked at an area in Wolf Creek and I was usually driving up to the mountain from early October through May every day and never saw any moisture but snow . . . even in the Fall and Spring. Heck - up on the divide we had snow flurries in August even now and then.
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I am in shock with all the NE skiers. From what I saw there has not been a real mention of Jay Peak. Jay is one place that knows the soul of skiing. The go anywhere attitude mixed with the 350"+ annual snowfall (almost 600") last year puts Jay at the top of any true NE skiers list. If you have not been there before go to Jay and play for a day, you'll be hooked!
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Chris Easton is the SSD. I guess he is the one obsessed with "no rain" since he is originally from New York. Yes, I ran into a blizzard on Labor day while driving in Rocky Mountain national Park.

In all seriousness there are no lines and/or crowds. It's nice.
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