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Loveland Opening

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Loveland is opening in the morning.

It's just one run, it will be packed.......but it's snow and it's skiing!
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Originally posted by Rusty Guy:
Loveland is opening in the morning.

It's just one run, it will be packed.......but it's snow and it's skiing!
But is it REALLY snow?
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I drove by Loveland on the way home from the airport this afternoon. They were still getting snow down by the lift base. It definitely got the heart pumping. But it will be a zoo!
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Say hi to SCSA.
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I think I'll pass for a week or so and let them get a little more terrain open. Last year I went early and it was a little scary.
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If you are a season pass holder to Loveland, go early and leave early. A few good runs at this time of the year is worth the trip and getting up extra early.
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I just finished waxing my skis... Can't wait

I will be there Saturday morning fooling around with some friends.
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waaa. I miss colorado!
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Got back a couple of hours ago from Loveland. The snow was fairly firm in the morning and it took the whole morning to feel 'natural' again. The afternoon softened up a lot and it was fun to just let the skis run and lay trenches on the lower section.

It was crowded but I never waited more than 5-10 minutes at the chair. The problem was on the hill where the narrow section up high was conjested. There were also a lot of different ability levels, from jeans and rentals to uniformed racers. The different speeds of everyone made it interesting on such a small run.

Overall a fun time and worth the $20 to get my skiing fix this early. This simple run was still far longer than anything from the midwest that I am used to.
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I think Loveland conditions are great early season! True that you have to take care in the top section, but when it widens out there's plenty of room for everyone. Good groomed conditions in the morning and then about 6" of loose snow kicked over to the ropeline in the afternoon. Works for me! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Today Spillway was open, which reduces the congestion at the top. Good snow for October - didn't find any rocks or stumps - a little firm, but that builds character. Pretty good crowd - sometimes there was actually a lift line!
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