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NE PA resorts, what gives?

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Let me get this straight. Blue Mountain receives over a foot of fresh this past week alone and the closing date is this Sunday the 21st! I dont get it. I heard Camelback might close this weekend also. Boulder and Montage are closed also and I think Frost is done after this weekend as well. Elk is open until the 27th. But all I care about is Blue really. Is this a cruel joke or soemthing? I thought for sure they'd all be open until April, especially with all of this late season snow. The weather for next week doesnt really show a warm up either. I don't get it. At least TRY to show that you care like a Catskill or New England resort resort!
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You can come to Mountain Creek... They have plans to extend until next weekend.

They were officially supposed to close last weekend. As soon as the new snow started, they reopened.

We got it together here in Jersey!
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I just might go to Mountain creek then
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