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Where ?

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As I've not skied abroad, I'd have to go on the little homework I've done and say Verbier, Switzerland, for the vast terrain and the experience of a different culture. (Though my suspicion is that skiing might diminish what "differences" one might encounter in an environment more mundane and day-to-day.) And I'd have to look into the logistics of a commute to and from Amsterdam. (For the Van Gogh museum, of course, and other sundry...experiences. )
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A week or two of back-country heli or snowcat skiing. One of those real remote operations, like Mike Wiegele in the Monashees, the Chugach Powder Guides or maybe Retellack in the Selkirks.

We would live large in a cabin buried deep in the woods. Nothing but you and your friends, good food/drink and vast acres of deep, pristine, untracked powder.

This is what I would ask for if I won.
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Las Lena's Argentina, no question. Been there , but it was summer.

So you need an explanation eh??
1. sphincter clenching steeps
2. September skiing
3. The food and wine
4. Its like europe without the euro's
5. The people are amazing, (women are the most beautiful in the World)
6. Red Mountains
i 'll stop there...... <FONT size="1">

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Since I am (like DB, I think) from the other side of the pond, I was going to say "Anywhewre in the North American Rockies".
I maintain that, I'd like to see your places
after having read and heard a lot about
"Champagne podwer" and monster snowfalls...
Well DB, where should I buy the ticket to participate?
BTW DB, I read in another post you asking
what DIN was/meant, were you asking that

Think what You say
Say what You think
but most important
once You've said it, DO it.
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I'd leave the window shopping at just that. I suppose I'd be more drawn - sheer curiosity, of course - to the, um, "cafe scene."
"Hmm, let's see, got my espresso. Now what's on the menu..."
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heliskiing in the chugach in AK
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