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Haines, Alaska

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Has anyone been skiing in Haines?? I read an article about it in this month's Powder, and then noticed that it is the site for the Red Bull Snow Thrill. WHo has been there?? is the place as amazing as they say it is?
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Haines is WAY cool. It's socked in a LOT and it's possible that you could get shut out, but it's worth the gamble. The Chilcats are friggin' gargantuan. There is so much un-named, unexplored teritory there it's not even funny. Here are links to our track TGR entries from Haines over the last couple of years and a couple of photos to whet your appetite. I would go if you ever get the chance...


Pics -

Ok - that's enough if not too much. You can see the rest through the links. In short, you'll love Haines if you ever go.

Owens Never Sleeps
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holy shit, those are bad ass pictures!!!

I will definitley try to make it out there someday!!

I am waiting to see the Red Bull pictures when they come back. The place look unbelievable.

thanks for the pics.
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Way cool pic's ONS


Welcome to epicski Orangerabbit. I know you've been registered a week or so but I don't remember if I said hi yet..
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