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Getting to Stowe: problem

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I have a problem, and I'm hoping someone can solve it!

I want to get to Stowe, and it'll be in Mid December (you guys have sold me on it).

Problem. My flight to New England touches down at JFK at about 9.30pm in the night. It might be late, I don't know. Then I have to get to Stowe.

Assuming I get a flight to Burlington at that hour of night, I end up at Burlington pretty late in the night? Don't know how long it takes. Might even be like 2 a.m, not a great option.

Then I have to get to Stowe, arriving at some crazy hour, pre-dawn.

Has anyone got any ideas? For instance, a slow bus that leaves NY that night and gets me to the Stowe area next morning?
A train?

Anything?! I just hate the concept of being somewhere at like 2am in the morning with all my gear, everything shut, no way of getting where I'm going.

thanks folks.
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Fly into Burlington, get a motel room, and drive to Stowe in the AM. Its a short drive. Make sure in advance that the rental agency or shuttle will be available when you arrive. I remember arriving in Jackson Wyo. one evening to find the bus had stopped running and all the rental agencies closed. Real bummer.
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Can you fly into Bradley International on Friday by like 3 or so? If you can, it is a little more than an hour from my work...I would be willing to drive down to get you then turn around and go to Stowe...If that would make it so you could attend. Another, closer option is to get a train or bus into Springfield or Amherst MA. I could pick you up there and take you the rest of the way. I get out of work at 1:50 in Ware, MA. Amherst would be the easiest for me...you might be able to get a bus out of Bradley there.

As for the room....Springhill Crazy and I still have space in our Suite if you want it...It would be about $153 For Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Not bad since you would also be getting our company.

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That's a real kind offer Skiteach, and I sure do appreciate it! I am coming a bit before the ETU however, and not sure if I can attend the actual event yet. Just trying out Stowe for a number of reasons.

I'm limited as to flights, and this one arrives 9.30pm at JFK. Sure don't want to have to overnight in New York, due to crazy costs. So, I'm assuming there is a flight I can make from JFK to Burlington that night. Now I think of it, I might have to commute to another airport, like Le Guardia? Heck, didn't think of that.

Not even sure how long a flight to Burlington is, but I bet I'd arrive in Burlington at some awful hour, like 1 a.m, making finding a budget bed for the night a challenge (with all my ski gear).

That's why I wondered about a slow bus (or train!). That would be a great way to eat up that time from 9.30pm at JFK, to Burlington. Sitting in a bus, snoozing.
Not sure about renting a car at this stage either. Probably won't be.
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I'm probably responding to a troll, but if it isn't:

JetBlue: JFK to BTV
Dep: 10:25 pm
Arrive: 11:30 pm
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That's interesting, I used Travelocity to look up flights, and it never mentioned Jet Blue. And it flys from JFK? Time to look them up! I scored a flight that arrives in NY a bit earlier, so this Jet Blue gig might be just the ticket.

Now for some snow.
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Newton- that's because Jet Blue isn't listed on Travelocity, Expedia, etc. Book directly on their web site (www.jetblue.com).
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Jet Blue flies out of JFK (only) from NY. Great airling. Flight to Burlington is pretty short (less than an hour, I think).
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We also scored really cheap tix from Den to BTV on <www.hotwire.com>, about $237 R/T. Maybe there are still some deals out there from your locale...

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On that subject, how do you score cheap tix deals on US domestic flights? I'm trying to organise mine now. I head over there VERY soon.
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"Not sure about renting a car at this stage either. Probably won't be."

This could be a problem at Stowe. Although there's a shuttle that runs up and down the mountain road, it is slow and does not run as efficiently as systems you typically find in Europe. It's a cliche to say that Americans don't do public transportation but there's some truth in this statement.

Relying on shuttles--especially midweek--could be a real headache. If you only intend to go from your hotel to the Mt. Mansfield base area and back every day, you should be ok. But if you want to ski Mansfield in the morning, head over to Big Spruce in the afternoon, go to Matterhorn for a beer apres ski, then head back to the hotel to change, and then off to Miguel's for Mexican, the shuttle system will drive you nuts. Stowe, in otherwords, is pretty spread out--especially hotels and restaurants.

You might consider renting a car from JFK and driving up to save some money. Your car rental will be about the same as the air ticket. It's about 333 miles from JFK to Stowe.

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Originally posted by ant:
On that subject, how do you score cheap tix deals on US domestic flights?
Ric omitted the source of those cheap plane tickets: hotwire.com, which is a great place to get hotels, rental cars, and domestic flights. The only catch with the flights is that you don't find out at what time of day they depart/arrive until after you pay, but they're ALWAYS good connections (never more than one short layover) and on regular commercial flights. So if you absolutely need to be somewhere at a certain time, try Orbitz.
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