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Question For Utah locals

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Hi all,
We will be at The Canyons Next week. Has anyone tried Canyon Mountain Sports for Equipment tunes, What kind of equipment are they using and how good are the tunes.
Also Looking for Groceries and a wine shop in the canyons or do we have to go to park city for these things. One of our group is going along for the ride (can't ski because Expecting ) and came along so her husband can ski and their first child (age 3) can try skiing. Want to be able to get some groceries with out taking the shuttle to Park City if possible. Thanks for any help you all can give us.

Keep up the snow dances. I see some predictions of snow this week
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I have never used the sports shop at the Canyons,so i can't tell you anything about them If you need a tune Try Arcs at The Park city resort center also Jans and Cole sport do vary good work.As i said before there isn't anyplace right at the Canyons to buy Groceries.But both Dans and Albertsons Market is only 3 miles from the Canyons.Stors are open late so you don't have to miss any ski days to stock up.Looks like we will be Getting some snow in the Next few days.Like TR said I am getting sick of these blue skies and warm weather.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Give Uath Ski and Golf a try. They are located near the Town Lift on Park Ave.
They have a large selection of skis and snowboards.
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Thanks guys,
We will not have access to a car so everything will be by shuttle so SLC is not a good option.

TR, Where is the town lift? (which resort)
I am trying to avoid moving around too much so just trying to get a feel for the layout.

Thanks Utah49, I was hoping there might be a small corner store so our friend (Pregnant mom) might be able to run out and get little things if she needed without waiting for us to get in at the end of the day.

Thanks again. keep dancing, we got 8" in the Sierra last night, today and another bigger storm headed our way on Tuesday night. It should be headed your way right after.
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dchan, There is a 7/11 at the entrance to the Canyons she can ride the new people mover down to the lower parking lot. But getting around this area is Pretty easy. So she should not have any problems in getting to Main st to burn some holes in her credit cards while The rest of you are out dancing on the mountain.By The way I have a little gift for you and your friends.(Utah wine lables) so you can get that "smuggled wine" corked at the restaurant.Shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone! I steamed them off some of my bottles.You could do Me and all of us a favor and pack an extra bag with about 24" of fully light powder.There is still some good skiing but we sure could use some snow.We have been looking for a vigin to offer up to the snow godds but we can't find one in Park City I was just told that the virgins at BYU are now under lock and key. So I guess I have to hand wash my truck and my wifes SUV.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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got it edit the gift out of the post. I have your number from the previous post. I'll give you a call once we get settled in on Saturday. blowing real hard your direction now. Whew.... maybe this storm will push that high out of the way.
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The Town Lift is a lift that picks people up from Park Ave, and drops them just below the top of the Pay day Lift at Park City Mountain Resort.

Yes the wind was blowing nicely today on top of Empire Canyon at DV. But i won't jump for joy, till i see the white stuff falling.
Look me up if you make it over to DV. Any Patroller or Lift Foreman should be able to find me.
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I meant to say I was blowing real hard to get this storm moving your way.
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I just read the most up to date weather forcast, we may get 2 inchs tonight. Freakin storm split on us, went south , went north
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