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Keystone 4 pack infor

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From thier web page great deal if your planning on coming this way

Adult 4-Day Lift Ticket*

$99 valid from:
11/01/02 - 12/25/02
1/06/03 - 3/07/03
3/31/03 - 4/20/03

$111 valid from:
11/01/02 - 4/20/03

*Internet offer only. Tickets must be purchased by November 15, 2002 and at least 14 days in advance of arrival. 4 days of skiing must be used on 4 separate days within a 7-day period, and are not interchangeable.

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I can't seem to get to the $99.00 special, I keep coming up with $148 for four days. Am I an idiot or is the web site not working.(these aren't mutually exclusive)
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Okay, called Keystone, got it working. Sorry.
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Copper has a similar deal. I'm going to be there New years week. The deal is so good, (especiallywith a family of 5) that I have to commit to 4 days at Copper or Keystone. We have 3 additional skiing days that we can go wherever. Any ideas on which resort would be better for a family of fairly strong intermediate skiers during New years week. Thanks for any input. Steve
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Go to Copper. I'm not a fan of Keystone, except at night!

Your free days go to Breck and Beaver Creek.

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Your free days go to Breck and Beaver Creek.

MXP "breck" poleeeeeeze I have no idea why someone suggest breckwind over keystone unless you like crowds, long lift lines, blues & blacks crossing greens, poling long flats, well maybe the halfpipe is good if your a boarder, as far as the town goes breck is great lots of shops, places to eat ect, breck also has a lot of ski in ski out condos ect but I think aside from the hype that keystone & abasin are better places to ski not to mention copper. just my .02
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last day to order is anyone is interested
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