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Anyone tell me how long is the drive from SFO to Tahoe City? Got a meeting in SF Tuesday; gonna try to squeezee in a ski day at Tahoe Monday.
thanks in advance
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with good weather/traffic, SFO airport to Tahoe City would be about a 4:15 drive unless you are doing 70+. Give yourself some extra time for the 80 Corridor as there are often delays as well as speed traps.
If you get out of SF(I mean on the bay bridge) by 5:30AM you can usually get to Sugarbowl by 9:00 and you don't have to go over the summit so less likely of snow problems. The return will probably take you longer but they also probably have the best snow at this time.
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I did this trip on Sat, left SF at 5:30am...was skiing by 9am at Sugar Bowl...and we even wasted considerable time fluffing around waiting for people coming from San Jose. My first time to Sugar Bowl and I loved it. The people there made all the difference. No big resort hype, just people out having FUN..it rocked ! plus no lift lines ! only time I stopped smiling was when I face planted ! ha ha

The snow conditions were great compared to what I heard from Alpine and Squaw....and its snowing now ! so it can only get better !

Enjoy !
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thanks for the info; sounds a bit far for a day trip;
Is Kirkwood closer or farther (from SFO)?
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Kirkwood is about the same distance and a windy(curvy not blowing) 2 lane road most of the way from Stockton. Sugarbowl is the best bet for a one day although I do Kirkwood all the time on one day trips too.

It's not too bad if you get out early. good luck and hope you get a chance to do some skiing.
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thanks again
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