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Night skiing.??

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Just curious as whether it is worth it. We are going skiing in a month and a half and were thinking about hitting Keystone, since we will be skiing in Summit Cty, but I don't want to waste our time if it isn't. Pros/cons? I am sure this is a no brainer, but want some advice from those who have actually participated. Thanks in advance!!!
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If you can stand the colder temps night skiing can be a blast, usually no or minimal lift lines, small crowd, very few kids & little old ladies, a good time to blast off with your buddies skiing in control at all times of course, I have skied keystone at night since about 1995 the biggest problem is they keep cutting back the hours & days, a good routine I like is get out early am, eat lunch then ski till 4pm go somewere & eat requires changing out of ski boots & ski clothes then back to skiing approx 6pm till close which is 8pm at keystone, it used to be 9pm weekdays 10pm fri & sat, I could live with 8pm sun thru thur but 8pm on fri & sat is #$#$%, I think they are trying to get rid of night skiing all together, funny thing is I grew up in wisconsin & most of the ski areas had night skiing but only keystone in colorado.

good luck bteddy
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It is colder at night, for sure. The other element that I really like is the light. You never get flat light at night, and the shadows can make the visuals nearly as much fun as the riding. I grew up skiing at night in Michigan, so it doesn't seem really unusual to me. I even did some at Bogus Basin many years ago. Why not try it at Keystone? After dinner at the Alpenglow Stube? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Everything the previous posters said about minimal lift lines and crowds PLUS:

1) Never any need for sun block;

2) Since you will be sticking to the groomers, you will have a nice consistent, fast surface, and you won't ever have to deal with snow that is being softened by all that pesky sunlight;

3) Skiing the aforesaid mentioned hard snow will do wonders for your angulation skills;

4) You will eventually encounter new and wonderous types of trail conditions such as hard frozen ruts, icy moguls, and the Mother of All Rutted Conditions, coral reef;

5) Skiers of both genders look particularly attractive when illuminated by the flattering blue-green glare of mercury lights, or by the stunning yellow pallor of sodium lights raking across their faces.

6) When skiing at night, no matter where you are in the world, you can easily convince yourself that you are really in the Poconos (if you are disposed to do so).


Tom / PM

PS - In the interest of full disclosure, and just so you don't think a non-night skier is dissin' night skiing, a significant fraction of my 30+ years of skiing has been done at night. Either it must have at least some minimal level of attraction, or the sanity of the reviewer could be an issue. I can't discount the second possibility, but I prefer the first.

PS#2 - BTW, the views (both land and sky) and the solitude can truly be sublime at night.

PS#3 - Go for it - give it a try! It's a gas!
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Though I'd never ski at night INSTEAD of during the day, it's better than spending a night in front of the TV... that's all you really need to know. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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its different for each person, but if you will be in summit county anyways, i'd go for it. its usually full of skiers looking to have a good time, little beginners and is very well lit. i did it my 2nd year skiing and had a blast, but then you have to pull me off the mountain no matter how late it gets.
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I don't night ski much any more, but it is enjoyable. The shadows will play major tricks on your eyes. It will pretty much force your feet to become more "intelligent" and just adapt to what's underneath them. I usually skied right on the edge of the shadows -- half my turns would be pretty much in the dark and the other half would be in dim light. It's a great learning experience! There's usually so little terrain open at night (at least in Pennsylvania...) that you have to do something to make it interesting!
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