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Wild fires in BC ... where are they ?

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I was trying to find out from various news sites where exactly the fires are in BC ... are they anywhere near any of the ski areas ?
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Baz - The paper in Calgary today says Sun Peaks is on evacuation notice. That's the only ski area specifically named.

Weather is still hot and dry, with higher winds now thrown into the mix, in SE BC anyway. Doesn't look good, and no relief in sight right now.

From my reading, I can't think of any other areas really threatened, but there's still lots of time before the snow falls. I believe the Kelowna/Vernon area has a situation, but I'm not sure how close to the ski areas it is.
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Jimmy - thanks.
The weather is a bit crazy over here (near London) but thankfully we don't have the same problem as you guys ... hope things improve very soon & that Sun Peaks escapes untouched.
We're due to hit 37C this week which is very close to a record for the UK ... believe it or not the trains are being affected 'cos they are imposing speed restrictions as the rails expand in the heat. Oh I love our public transport system ... just glad I don't have to use it.
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As of this morning, the Strawberry Hill fire is at 3370 hectares and about 22 km from Sun Peaks. Things are quiet, but that could change fast. The fire crosses the access to Sun Peaks, so the drive up will look different this winter.

The real danger is in the tinder dry conditions. That is why the whole province remains on "state of emergency". Provincial resources are tapped, and no way to deal with new fires. Both of the most destructive fires were caused by a cigarette. The McLure fire to the North, in which 75 homes and the sawmill (major employer for the town) were destroyed was started when a fellow finished a smoke, stamped it into the gravel, and walked away. The wind must have picked up the butt, still with a spark, and carried it into the grass. The guy noticed it 5 minutes later, but the fire was already too big to snuff. The burning embers in the air are spotting little fires everywhere. Thunder showers are predicted, but if the lightning is dry... yikes, I don't even want to think about it!

We have several family members who were evacuated from the Strawberry Hill area, and have just been allowed to return. Thankfully everything is intact for them, but others have lost everything. A trying time indeed.

Whistler fire danger remains "extreme", but I think that is just to elevate the caution level... the surrounding area is all in "high". I'm looking forward to going up there for a few days next week.

A bit 'a rain would be nice, eh?
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