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Just back from Utah!

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posted February 20, 2004 05:43 PM
Just got back today from 5 days in Utah. No new snow for 5 days prior, so after we hit Alta, we went to Canyons on Monday( Pres Day) BIIGGGG MISTAKE!!, Solitude, Snowbasin, and back to Alta Thursday for finally a dump of fresh stuff.

Worst service and value for the $ was Canyons. They actually raised rates for Monday an extra $5 per ticket for a total of $69 apiece. Ridiculous!!!! Not only did we wait in lines 20-40 minutes long twice. We had to wait 45 minutes to get back to parking lot on the Cabriolet tram. I really felt stong armed after being there. I will follow up with a letter to however will listen over there. $248 bucks for 2 adults, a teen, and a 12 yo. Jeez. I know President's Day is busy, but what are we supposed to do --- not ski?? Others i I talked to that went else said lines we there, but not as bad or expensive.

Best little resort was Solitude. No lines, few boarders, lot's of vertical in one day, great tree and chute skiing.

Overall best service went to Snowbasin. Check out the men's bathrooms too. Solid marble to dribble on... Brought lunch, so had to sit outside at Needles Lodge. No one else out there, one of the staff without asking came out, lit a propane heater, and wheeled it over to our table. Lifties would stop and show us best runs and give directions.

Oh yeah, great mountain too. Kids and I skiied both downhill courses from the start. Groomed and soft so we didn't hit max velocity, and push our knees thru our skulls. Tons of wide open and tree skiing. Definately going back. ($48 if buy at Canyon Sports)

Best overall goes to Alta. Tons of steep, challenging terrain.
NO BOARDERS!!! Trees, chutes, secret stashes. We have frinds who rent a cabin next to Peruvian Lodge, so they took us to all to great spots. Yesterday fresh powder was sweet. Did lot's of High Traverss, Greely, Glory Hole( watch the entry), Catherines.
Devils was closed due to new dump on old hardpack. Lifts are slow, but no "dudes" ripping up the faces and scraping fresh stuff away. Already planning for next year.

Tips- Rent or drive a car. Bus ok, but car gives you freedom to go north to the Basin or wherever.

Tickets- Buy at Canyon Sports( big discounts)

If you go to Canyons, get there early. Lift doesn't take you up until 9 or 9;15, and takes a while to get anywhere it's so wide an area.

See ya!

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After 2 weeks I got a response from Canyons regarding complaint. Originally asked me what they could do to make it right( like tickets or credit for next season??!!) Final response now is there's nothing they will do for us. I've been in customer service my whole life, and they could have done something don't you think. It's not like they can't afford it, or maybe they can't (considering the all hard sell time shares guys waiting to prey on you at the base).

Thanks Gadget for trying, and I will let you know next year when we are coming to SLC.

I guess we'll have to limit ourselves to Alta, Snowbird, Snow Basin, etc. Tough huh?? [img]tongue.gif[/img] : :
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you maybe right about the Canyons Maybe not being able to afford making things right by you. ASC seems to be just hanging on by a thread. The Hawking of Timeshare at the Canyons is getting to be a bit over the top.
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