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First snow in PC

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Well it snoed in mid-Sept., but it only stuck at about 8000'.

3" so far in the basin. They started blowing at PCMR and the Canyons a few days ago. Not long now...
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It has snowed about 4 to 5 inches at my house(N,Ogden). snow is supposed to continue through sunday.
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arriving at pc mid-dec. so little nervous about snow coverage...what kind of base depth for the blue runs minimally would you like to see? and does early snow such as today and the next week mean anything if the highs go back *#!?*#!...forget that i even mentioned that....so let's say we get a foot and a half in the next week, what height of base when compacted will that get you?? it looked on the webcams they weren't making a huge effort on the snowguns the other day. was it that they knew most of it would melt with the mid 40's temps and really just testing out equipment? will they blow snow even during snow events? is payday next for snowmaking? when do they start lighting up payday at night? am i asking to many questions....man i'm excited....

one more question. how cold does it have to be make snow?
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somebody else can answer all your other questions, but utah will have the snow by mid-dec., only question is; how much will be open. sometimes ski resorts arent fully staffed until right before christmas + peak season starting. you should only worry about how much will be open due to staff or lack of.
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It is nice to see 'natural' snow coming down now, with more on the way from the looks of things.
-Utah snow doesn't compact like Sierra snow, so what falls now will be just a teeny bit of whatever is around in December - I really couldn't say how much a foot compacts to... but 5% snow is sure amazing to ski on!
-PCMR has been blowing snow whenever temps permit, obviously days are typically warmer than night, so the guns have been idle during the past few days but have been blasting all day today and will continue for as long as temps permit.
-I know sometimes humidity can affect snowmaking, but again, as long as conditions are appropriate snow will be made.
-As soon as there's enough snow for the America's Opening races, which are in just over 3 weeks, they'll start in on Payday.
-No night skiing until Xmas.
- read this to learn about optimal snowmaking conditions and how snowmaking works.

Hope this helps!
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Originally posted by eyedoc:
and does early snow such as today and the next week mean anything if the highs go back *#!?*#!
Nah, doesn't really mean jack. Could easily all melt. Its just nice to see.

Mid-late ecember usually isn't all that great for natural snow anyway, but you shouldn't have any problems on the groomers in any case.
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