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summer skiing near slc

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i am going to be in slc for about a week and was just wondering if there was any snow left in LCC or BCC that was worth hiking for.
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When are you planning to be here?
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I echo AltaSkier's question - when are you going to be here?

My wife and I hiked up high in the north-facing side of Big Cottonwood Canyon last Sunday. Even though the snow was warm and going fast, the skiing was great fun and there's still lots of snow in certain places. As I'm a bit of a nut about summer skiing, I'd be happy to give you a little direction. Send me a pm.

AltaSkier: It's on for June 29. The cast of characters is "fluid" at this point, but I'll definitely be there. Watch for an email from me early next week.

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Great Bob, I'll plan to join you guys! Looking forward to it.
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