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Big Sky

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I know some of you out their ski Big sky often and I was wondering how they are doing for snow. I will be out their in march.

Looking at the live pictures on their site, the peak and the areas right of the challenger lift look short of snow. (much of this is not skiable but it must be some kind of indication). It also looks very warm

When I was out last year I didn't get to ski the dictator shoots because I was told they were too rocky. The Liberty bowl was kind of rocky at the top too.

I know they just got 10 in, but how is it looking overall?
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I have been skiing Big Sky most Saturdays for a couple months. Coverage on top had been scant until a few weeks ago. Luckily the last few snow falls have been heavier snow with little wind. You are now able to get off the top of the Challenger chair & tram without hitting any rocks if you know where you're going. If you don't, ask someone for some directions.
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Windy today with a good storm forecast for the weekend. The coverage is about average, but at Big Sky, YOU WILL HIT ROCKS! Don't be put off by that fact and you will be fine. After all, it is the "rocky mountains". Seriously, the skiing has been good and will probably remain that way. Best peice of advice I can give you is, if its a powder day and there is untracked snow that has tracks all around it, there are probably rocks hidden beneath it.
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I learned that last year: second run down, 2 feet of cut up powder, and suddenly one ski was just gone. The rock left a good 2 inch scar down to the core.

One more question, any "secret" places I should ski were powder hangs around? Where is your favorite place on the mountain?

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Well lesse, any place above treeline is good. Thats a large area of course, but I really like the terrain off the tram and challenger. The barvarian forest below liberty bowl is another fav. if its fresh. This winter there are several new gladed areas off of andesite. (bear lair, wounded knee, ambush meadows north) all three are nice treed areas. Iron Horse is a nice but knid of short area but the northerly aspect keeps the snow crisp and fresh. Its been snowy all week and the skiing has be very good. If you have further questions please feel free to ask.
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