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Flims-Laax, Switzerland

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I have an opportunity to ski here during President's week. I'd like to hear from anyone who's been there who can gimme the dirt.
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I've been there the other season for a day, here's my bottom line:
Flims-Laax caters to the young crowd. Great on-mountain restaurants and bars (which is standard in CH anyway, if you wish). Innovative and patented (hence: unique) trail "rating" system which creates a versatile place, e.g. a "backcountry" (similar to the "Skiroute"-type of skiing) run which is left ungroomed all season. Terrain features built into other runs. Silly: three black diamond rating for a handfull of the higher runs but other than that I really like what they do there, they go beyond the yellow-black-red-blue/black-red-blue-green you find everywhere else.
On the downside: BLP - Bring Long Poles and wax your stix. There are a few long traverses which can require poling, depending on conditions and ski tune.
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Jpfeiffer, your post looks like it may contain some useful info. Unfortunately, I cannot decipher most of it. Could you please carify? Also, have you personally skied it?
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I skied Flims/Laax one day four years ago after a very large storm cycle throughout the alps. We were there on the first clear day after more than a meter of snow so we were very conservative in our choice of terrain due to extreme(level 5) Avi hazard. I would agree that they seemed to cater to a young crowd and the mood was festive at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain seemed very expansive and mostly above timberline if I remember correctly. I'm sure that there is some challenging terrain but the area struck me as largely intermediate. If you are an expert skier I would check out Andermatt and Engelberg.
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