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Ontario/Quebec in the summer

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OK, maybe this should be in 'off-season sports' but...

We're planning a 2 week holiday in Eastern Canada this June. It will definitely include Toronto (fly into & out of), a trip to Niagara Falls, and a few days in Montreal & Quebec City. We don't want to spend all our time looking round cities, we'd like to do some gentle (5-10 miles at most, day or half-day trip) walking ideally with great scenery. No problem with hills - I like them, because you get a good view from the top!

Where should we go that's within reach of the big cities? We're hoping to stick to the train, but we could hire a car for a few days.

Any other advice or suggestions for the trip welcome. In August 1997 we took our honeymoon in the West (Vancouver, Victoria & the Rockies) and loved it.
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Quebec has a series of tourism booklets; one for each region of their province and they are very well laid out and helpful. For Quebec
City you need #4 in the series and for Montreal, #12. The Eastern Townships are next door to Montreal and their is some nice sightseeing there. Request book #8 for that region.

Quebec tourism can be contacted at: Tel: 1-819-820-2020
Fax: 1-819-566-4445

Tourism Ontario can be contacted at: www.ontariotravel.net

You can find lots more information at yahoo.ca by typing in Quebec & Ontario.

Have fun and........................

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If I had a choice, I'd skip Niagara Falls and spend a couple of days in Algonquin Park. It's about a 3 hr. drive north from Toronto on good roads (we drive on the right side, take care if you're not used to it!). The scenery is ruggedly beautiful. You will get a true sense of the awesome wilderness of the Canadian Shield.

The park has easily accessible hiking trails and pristine lakes to swim and canoe in. If you want rustic luxury, stay at Kilarney Lodge or Arrowhon Pines, but there are also well-managed campgrounds along the main road or you can hike or canoe into the interior for a true wilderness experience. Outfitters in and near the park can provide you with camping gear or you can hook up with a guide who will take care of the details for you.

Ragged Falls is just west of Algonquin and is worth the hike. The falls are not as celebrated as Niagara's but you can scramble over the rocks and get right up to them.
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Will second Ice on the park and the falls have some great photos but no scanner). There are some nice B&B's in the area and is a great part of Ontario to boot. Just over the ON border into Que. you have Gatineau Park. Just as sweet. A car would help to see the sights between TO and Montreal, but you can't beat the train for point to point travel. Watch out for the bugs as they will eat you alive!!
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