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killington conditions?

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Did anybody visit killington today or live nearby and can back up that killington recieved 8-10" of new snow as their website states. Usually I would trust their website, but I find it weird that killington got 10" and okemo, only slightly south, only got 3"

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yeah, sounds odd. :
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i don't know about the last storm, but from the past ones we have had this year,it seems killington has recieved much more snow than down the street @ okemo.. at least if you compare the snow on the side of the road @ rt4 near killington vs 103 ...
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oh yea.. for killington i usually check the basin ski shop report..http://www.basinski.com/ they seem to be a little more accurate and have better pictures.. they say 6-8"
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I just come back from Killington. They did have at least 10” of snow and there was a lot of fresh snow everywhere Saturday. This was just the right amount to recover from the rain a day earlier.
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