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I don't understand?

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Why do people ask for conditions here on EpicSki when you can simply go to sites like, Onthesnow.com, the WeatherNetwork or the resort site itself and get an update on what the snow is like? I appreciate that sometimes the resort's reports try to cast the most favorable light on their conditions but a candid phone call usually allows you to get the answers you want or make it able for you to read between the "lines".

By the time someone answers your post here, the conditions have usually changed from the time you asked, or will again by the time you are planning to go skiing. Iit seems like a big waste of time to ask for conditions of a certain resort; perhaps something like I'm doing right now.

Just wondering if others feel the same way about these type of posts since they often go unanswered, go unanswered for days, or very few answers.
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because there is nothing better than someone in this forum that has actually been skiing at the resort in question, seems pretty simple to me.
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Candid phone call?Like the time I called Bolton Valley for snow conditions-fresh packed powder she said-It was boilerplate from top to bottom.IMHO_keep reporting!
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Trying to get real conditions from official channels is like buying a used car - buyer beware! Why read between the lines when you can get unbiased first-hand reports? Resorts will never tell you when the conditions are bad and the other websites get their information straight from the resorts. Also, the response time on this forum is pretty good and usually you ARE able to get current conditions.
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I trust other skiers before I'd trust a resort's report. Fernie has a great, independant, almost daily, report available on the web, but most other resorts don't have such dedicated fans who are able to or willing to operate such a site.
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Yes! Please keep reporting not only from US/Canada resorts but also from Europe. I do not believe there is no one on this forum that went skiing somewhere in Europe this year. Especially info from 3 Valleys would be useful as that is where I will be in 3 weeks time (will post my report after that).

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I've already mentioned this place before, but firstracksonline.com has a great No-Bull Snow Reports feature that gets pretty decent traffic. Although it is divided into geographic sections spanning the entire skiing world, most of the responses are from New England and Quebec, so not much use to western skiers. A few weeks ago, there was a great thread about Cannon Mountain, NH, in which a groomer operator there gave us some inside poop about his job.

As far as calling the resort for a candid appraisal of their conditions, let me tell you about a recent experience. On the Sunday morning of the recent Utah Gathering, several of us were trying to decide where to take advantage of a major dump that promised to rescue the SLC area resorts from what could charitably be called "marginal ski conditions." We called Alta, which reported 10 inches of new snow, Solitude said they had received 12 inches, and Snowbasin claimed six inches. Since I'm a big fan of Snowbasin (nice mountain, good lifts, deserted trails), I called back and asked several probing questions about this alleged snowfall, and received positive responses from the cheerful phone lady.

When we got there, we found a big glazed doughnut of a mountain, covered in ice. Although we did have a great time skiing calf-high fresh snow in the trees (blown in by 35 mph winds), the groomed runs were horrendous. Cut to the chase: later that afternoon, I broke my leg when my right ski and boot slid underneath an immovable ice shelf while the rest of my body continued on its merry way.

I certainly take responsibility for what happened to me, and don't blame anyone/anything other than extremely bad luck. The phone lady did not pro-actively lie about the conditions; she merely avoided telling me the truth.
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The internet is mostly lies.

The only way to get an acurate report is to be there yourself...Or ask someone who has. When someone posts a question about conditions to my home mountains I tell them the "it's great!" That's usually my response..... Regardless of what some may perceive it to be....to me it's always great.

remember, The internet is mostly lies....
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'When someone posts a question about conditions to my home mountains I tell them the "it's great!" That's usually my response..... Regardless of what some may perceive it to be....to me it's always great.'

That may be true, as might be the reverse... that skiiers wanting to keep 'their' mountain to themselves will downplay it's charms... but, the resorts have a definite bias and their reports will always be rose-coloured. The more individual opinions you have to consider, the more likely it is that you will get a balanced report.
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true..ice...very true..
What's nice about the mountains close to me is that they're off the beaten path and we very rarely worry about too many people carving up "our" pow.......
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Guys, I don't disbelieve your stories, but I've just never has this problem. I do ask lots of questions, though, and maybe this has saved me from getting the "bum" steer.

Before you call or did call to get conditions, did any of you check with the WeatherNetwork or your local weather service to find out if there was snow, rain, etc. in the area recently? Just wondering 'cause I still don't understand.
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