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Skiing speed....How fast

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boyne highlnds michigan has a fun spring downhill and the michigan state police bring a radar gun.we run by 10 year age brackets(i'm 49 and holding). i skied cautiosly on my head 170 sl's and got clocked at 60mph. some of the young hot shots, just off their college ski teams hit 70mph on 210+ super g skis.not bad for a 450ft hill.
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Wow, I'm really amazed that there is anywhere at the Highlands where even the best tuck can garner you 70mph!! Whenever I bomb Hemlock or Devils at Boyne Mt., I would swear I top out at fiftyfive or so and I do have a good tuck. I was at the Highlands twice last year and couldn't find anything as steep or as long as the Mountain, where I usually ski. I'm certainly not doubting the radar readings, but my head is spinning at those numbers! Where the heck is it run at?


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they build a starting ramp to the right of the high speed left at the top of "heather" thats about 15ft hi to get some speed quick then another short steep drop down "donald j" and onto the cat track over to "olympic" and go down in one long sweeping turn. they use the radar right at the bottom. it would be like doing hemlock with a 35-40 mph head start. definetely a race that rewards someone with a big start out the gate and perfect wax because you have to build speed quick then add more on the flat cat track area. two years ago the pro's who go last go burned on the wax, the temp dropped from 40 to mid 20's and fine hail, their soft hi flouro was like glue and they couldn't even break 50. fun way to end the year.

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Skiing speed....How fast

Has anyone ever clocked their skiing speed? I know it always seems you are skiing faster than you actually are but I was wondering if any of you speed freaks out there ever clocked your recreational skiing speed.
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I skied in that race last season! Fun time. Joel, you are forgetting to take into account downhill suits. Try to tuck hemlock in a suit and with bent poles wrapped around you! Wind resistance is HUGE.
To answer the original post, we have a speed trap event every spring. I've been clocked at 77.
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Cool!!! I will do my damnedest to be there this year. It sounds like a great time. Is there a cost for the event and timing or is it on a free sign-up basis? Are people out there for a good time or is it an attitude-fest. You are right about the suit, I wasn't even considering it. That would make a large difference. Thanks for cluing me in to something I didn't know about in my own back yard! Appreciate it.

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If you are talking about the Highlands race,it is about 20 bucks? I can't remember for sure... You get a t-shirt. If you enter the pro division, there is prize money usually for about the top ten finishers, depending on how many people enter. Last year money went to the top 6. I was seventh.... by one hundredth! : As far as attitude goes, there is some, but the vast majority are there for a good time. It is a huge event. Usually 300+ entries, ranging from 6 year olds to 60+. There is a division for everyone.
The day before that, is a race called the "Miller Lite League Championships." Also a great time. It is a team, GS format. Also huge, last year there were 28 teams of 8.
Also, Marquette Mountain has a downhill in our "spring carnival." It is a better course than the highlands, but not as well attended. We have all kinds of races during the spring carnival, check out the schedule on the website or pm me.
Ok, one last fun Michigan event: (my personal favorite) The Dan Hornbogen memorial at Marquette Mountain.... One run of DH, one run of Super G, one run of GS, and one run of SL. Add all the times up, and we have a winner!
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I used a pocket GPS a few times. Hit a reasonable 58mph out in Vail CO skiing down Northwoods. (groomed blue) The GPS can give you mis-leading info. If you hit your top speed on a steep section it won't accurately appear. You must be going in a horozontal direction for a correct reading.(geometry , physics ?? ) I feel the need for speed!!!
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Why do you believe GPS gives misleading speed readings on steep slopes? The GPS measures elevation as well as horizontal distance. It should be able to calculate an accurate speed from that.

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gps error (is/can be) 2/3's greater when measuring in the z direction.
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Some pretty interesting replies. I was told that 50 mph was about all that could be expected from a recreational skier but from your replies, that is absolutely not true. Now I'll have to find a radar gun and find out for myself.

Anyone else? :
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Originally posted by FlipFlopFly:
Some pretty interesting replies. I was told that 50 mph was about all that could be expected from a recreational skier but from your replies, that is absolutely not true. Now I'll have to find a radar gun and find out for myself.

Anyone else? :
Yeah 50 mph really isn't fast at all on groomed runs. Your average low intermediate that can barely carve a turn even on shaped skis is going 30-35.

It sounds shocking that Downhillers occasionaly get 90+ clocked, but remember that that is 90+ after carving turns at 75+. If you're straight running it's pretty easy to get well over 80 if you have stable skis.

I've been clocked at around 82 mph before on my 207's, but I know that I've gone much faster.

We'll see what my top speed is in the Citizen's Downhill at Jay Peak this year on 215's. They have a radar gun and it says on the website that speeds of 90+ are routine. We'll have to wait and see what my top speed is. It's in March I think.
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I don't know... I'm awfully skeptical of 90+... Possible I guess.
Does anyone know the fastest speed ever recorded in a world cup downhill? I always thought it was in the 80's.
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According to my gps, last time I was at whistler I topped out at 59 mph.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Have you done this poll yet???

Yes & my answer was Yes & No (I like to keep it simple)
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