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Utah Snow Report Info

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Is there a good snow report telephone number that has updated info for all of the resorts around Salt Lake? During our trip (next week) we are hoping to ski several different areas, and it would be helpful to be able to wake in the morning and check the snow report before making the day's decision.

Thanks in advance!
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bob I cannot wait to see your work in person this weekend
hopefully we can toast sun to a sweep by Darron!
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I would like to ski Snowbasin this weekend, but I have a few questions. Is John Paul and the tram open to the public this weekend?
Will the expert terrain beyond the Down Hill
course be open?
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Thanks Bob, I have called but they don't know at the switch board. They put me through to race department but no one ever picks up the phone.
I would like to see the World Cup but I have seen quit a few. I haven't skied in 31 days,
4 hours and 22 minutes, so I am jones'n pretty hard. I'll just hit LCC instead.
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I rode the basin last week & John Paul was closed as was all the terrain to the skiiers left of it.
Had great runs off strawberry & under the lower chairs.
people there just do not ski off piste. I could not believe it.
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