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Goin' to Whistler!

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Booked it yesterday. Going out mid-April w/ older son (& probably my brother). We'll only be skiing for 3 days, but it's been a long time since I've been in the "big" mountains. I know we won't have time to really explore the whole place, so if anyone has any recommendations of what areas to hit, I'd greatly appreciate it. In terms of access, we're going to be staying in Whistler village (near the Excalibur & Whistler Village gondolas). [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I like the 7th Heaven Chair the best (at Blackcomb).
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7th would be my first choice.
Also Harmony bowl on Whistler, which isn't too difficult, but you can get a variety of runs in from the Harmony chair
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Blackcomb: Definately 7th chair in am before it gets crowded. Also if fresh snow take t-bar to top, and very short hike will get you to backside. It's like you're in a totally different
ski area w/some sweet chutes you can traverse to if so inclined. Jersey Cream Bowl overlooking upper lodge is fun too(It's easier than it appears from the top) Once you're in it, it's sweet baby!!

Whistler: Whistler Bowl is fun and Harmony Ridge

Have fun!!!! :
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Just back from Whistler yesterday after a couple of weeks out there - want to go back already!!
Blackcomb: Blackcomb glacier (the walk up mentioned above), The bowls off spankys ladder (which is not very steep (not been up it when it is steep, but the instructor I was with reckons it's more like spankys staircase at the moment)), Arthurs Choice (a gladed run off of ridge runner behind the crystal hut)
Whistler: The West bowl, Club 21 (gladed run off of Raven below the Garbanzo chair), Dave Murray Downhill

It's all good (except the cat tracks)!!
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For your first day, I would recommend "the grand tour". I believe this is detailed on the trail map, but basically it is quite possible to hit most major areas of both hills in a day to get an overview. Many people find it helpful to go with the free guided tours leaving several times a day from the top of the Solar Coaster on Blackcomb and the Roundhouse on Whistler.

I treat Whistler skiing quite differently than smaller hills where you just go round & round on the same lifts & runs all day and compete for pow. If the weather or snow isn't to your liking in one area, go somewhere else and it will be completely different. Rather than concentrating hard on technique, tour around on your skis. Check out the scenery in various locales. Have a beer and a snack somewhere like the Chic Pea, feed the Whiskyjacks and watch the world go by. If it snows the night before, no need to be first in the lift line... plenty of pow for everyone, and it doesn't track out for days if you ski the trees or walk 100m or so. The long runs and high-speed lifts will give you all the vert your legs can handle, so don't overdo it by trying to master the place in 3 days... can't be done. Going to Whistler is more a total vacation experience, though the skiing is pretty good too. Relax. Life is good. There may not be great skiing in the lower 2000' at that time of year, but the good stuff is above that anyhow. The World Ski & Snowboard Fest www.wssf.com is on in April, and always fun. You can't help but enjoy yourself. Take the shuttle from the airport rather than renting a car. Enjoy!
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Looking at the trailmap of Blackcomb, 7th Heaven looks like a treat, but a pain to get to from the base of Whistler Village.

Hints on how to get there in the AM, assuming I'm starting from Excalibur & then Exclerator?
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Originally posted by PerSwede:
Looking at the trailmap of Blackcomb, 7th Heaven looks like a treat, but a pain to get to from the base of Whistler Village.

Hints on how to get there in the AM, assuming I'm starting from Excalibur & then Exclerator?
7th usually opens a little later than the other lifts.

1. Excellerator then over to either Jersey Cream or Glacier.

2. Jersey -> cat-track ->7th base

3. Glacier chair -> T-bar -> 7th top

4. Excellerator -> Honeycomb/or other runs -> Solar Coaster -> cat-track -> 7th bottom

Bring your map perSwede and don't be afraid to ask directions.
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WB are offereing a free Ski Esprit program April 19-22 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their longest running ski program. If you are going to be there at that time you may want to check it out. (If you are interested I would recommend boking early as capacity is limited.)
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From the village you can access the gondola to Blackcomb. Take it and the chair following up to Glacier Creek. You can then access Jersey Cream. Take that and play off it for a while. Keep an eye out for 7th Heaven opening. When it does go over there. When you are done come back. It is no more difficult than that !!If you want go over the top of 7 th Heaven and you can access the routes to Blackcomb Glacier or have an alternative way back to Glacier Creek
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