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Snowmass accomodations

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Anyone have some advice on good, quiet digs in Snowmass? Slopeside is highly desirable and quiet is absolutely high priority. I'm going in Feb and have never been there before. Thanks, skidoc
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Most everything in Snowmass should be quiet. Most complexes are ski in/out. I kind of like the Crestwood, older complex, but with good management. They will pick you up at the airport, take you to the market, etc. If you have any specific questions let me know, I worked in property management there many years ago.
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Stonebridge is anopther good little place.

The only place that may be raucus would be the Silvertree. It is the largest & books college type ski groups that party.

BUT Shredhead & I both have lived there but there are people waiting by the phone to answer your questions
also the special expired yesterday but there are links to all the snowmass lodging options on HERE
if you have specific questions check back in & ask
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Shredhead and Matt, thanks for the info! I'll look into the Stonebridge Inn. Yeah, that special ended yesterday but I figured I'd rather get the right place at full price than the wrong place at 20 off. Thanks again, skidoc
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