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Best time for Wolf Creek

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I have some friends who live in Pagosa Springs. I was thinking of visiting them and, of course, skiing. I was thinking of going in late March or early April. What are the conditions and snowpack like at that time? I hear that generally, March is the highest snowfall month for most CO resorts. Does this apply to Wolf Creek as well? Thanks for the info.
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Going to "Pagoda" eh? [img]smile.gif[/img] Well, March and April typical sees the Wolf having at least a 150" base, and often over 200". March through May are also the heaviest snowfall months and if you are there for a week you will almost certainly see several feet get layed down. Due to the high altitude (base is 10,750) the snow still generally stays pretty light that time of year.

See if you can find out when they are expecting the peak of Spring Break season to hit. When the Oki's and Texans are there is the only crowded time of year.
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