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How do Snowmass and Whistler on piste crowds compare to each other?

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Since my ski trip to Whistler in 2 weeks looks to be a bust for lack of snow I'm planning one for late Feb. and have narrowed it down to Whistler or Snowmass. As a lower level skier who stays on green and blue runs for the most part I'm wondering how Snowmass crowds compare to Whistler on piste. Snowmass is a Hell of alot harder to get to for me and I wouldn't want to go through the trouble just to stand in long liftlines and dodge traffic on the mountain. I can dodge traffic at Whistler for half the travel time and expense. On the other hand I've heard some great things about Snowmass and its smooth wide runs. Any information would be much appreciated! Thanks, skidoc
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I was at Whistler last Presidents weekend. The lines were the worst I have ever seen. Mostly because it was raining low and everybody was in the alpine.
Snowmass has some lines in the morning comming out of the village, but not anything like I saw at Whistler. Lifts open at 8:15-8:30 in Snowmass and if you get right on it you can easily avoid lines all day. The dry snow is much better for most people.
Have you looked into the United direct flights from LAX or SFO.
America West has directs from PHX.
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Skidoc, another place you might consider is Mt. Bachelor. It's more drive time than Whistler, (about 4 hours from Portland) but it's a great intermediate mountain.Also Salt Lake City is closer than Denver and you have 8 different mountains within 45 minutes from the airport. I hook up with a friend every year in SLC. We used to go to Colorado, but decided we liked Utah better(prices, snow, etc.)However, I'm still going to Whistler the last week of February(in addition to SLC the last week of January). I don't anticipate the crowds will be too bad after President's week. Aloha Steve
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The on-piste runs at whistler were pretty crowded last january when I was there during the week. The off piste wasn't crowded at all though.

Lift lines weren't bad though.
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skidoc, The crowds at Snowmass are non-existent unless it's March (spring-break) Haven't been to Whistler though. I ski snowmass every weekend, even with 3 other mtns. in the vicinity, I still choose to ski snowmass for its lack of human obstacles and great on-off piste runs, with maybe the excpetion of Highlands.
I agree that the SLC mtns. are very accessible if you travel by air. And the skiing is exceptional. Although you can fly into Aspen and be 15 minutes from the two seperate bases at the 'mass'

Come to Snowmass, or better yet for my sake don't come....j/k we always appriciate your bussiness.
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Thankyou for the helpful info! I checked on the SFO or LAX to Eagle flights and there aren't any direct flights according to my travel agent. Still, it sounds tempting. Now to start looking for prices and options. Thanks again. skidoc [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Shredhead, my apologies, I checked again with my travel agent and she said there is a daily flight! I'm in business!! Thanks again. skidoc
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Don't give up on your Whistler trip yet, things can change very fast in the mountains. One BIG storm and it's a whole new ballgame. Remember, last year Snowbird got 100" in 100 hours or something insane like that!!!
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In Whistler the crowds all say "gidday mate"

In Snowmass it is more "where ya all from"

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Make sure you fly into ASE and you won't need a car. EGE is about
1.5-2 hour drive.
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SHREADHEAD, got the tickets to Aspen for the early portion of Feb.! Thanks again for the info. Oz how's the attitude of the staff and crowd at Snowmass compared to Whistler? At Whistler the staff is generally very good (so long as they're male) and the crowd pretty decent and polite. skidoc
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Customer service is one of the ski corps. high points. I think you will have a great time.
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