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Cheap New England Skiing!

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i wanted to start up a post so that we could share knowledge of cheap skiing in new england. with huge resorts charging $50+ for a single day, why not look toward cheaper mountains and special deals?! please post any information you know about (say, $42 or under for a lift ticket). this post is for lift ticket info only for us day trippers.

i'll start. obvious, i know upper NH best:

Cannon, NH:
Two-Fer Tues and Thurs, 2 for $40
$32 Mid-week

Wildcat, NH:
Two-Fer Wed, 2 for $52.
college student mid-week is $36

Black Mountain, NH:
$32 Weekend ($25 College Student)
$20 Mid-Week

Waterville, NH:
$39 any day ($29 College Student)

Cranmore, NH:
$32 any day

Attitash, NH:
$42 Mid-Week

Ragged, NH:
$49 per car load Wednesdays
$32 Mid-Week

Tuckerman Ravine:
Earn your Turns (FREE!)

Magic Mountain, VT:
$42 Weekend
$32 Mid-Week
$20 Tuesdays
$27 (w/canned good) Wendsdays

Help contribute so we can discover some cheap days to go, and maybe try some place new!
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Great idea! I'll extend the confines of New England into New York State and Quebec, if you don't mind.

Cannon Mt.
2 for 1 EVERYDAY with the coupon in the Northeastern Ski Board map.

Belleayre Mt. New York
$15 days once a month
$10 every day during Winter Festival Week in February

Gore & Whiteface Mts. New York
Four tickets good at either mountain for $150 (available on their website)

Hickory Hill, New York
$25 a day, open only on weekends, I think

Mont Sutton, Quebec
Buy a full-day lift ticket at 12 noon, ski the next day for free (1.5 days for $27 US)
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A couple of others in NH...

Loon: $39 every day

Sunapee: Two-fah Wednesday $46 for two NH residents ONLY

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on loon's web site, they list the $39 offer for the 'shoulder season'. can we assume this is early season??? cause below that it lists weekend price as $51 for an adult and midweek $43 and for holidays a whopping $53!!! for loon? hahaha, who are they kidding!?
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Keep your eyes open for discounts, for five years I've been taking my brother-in-law to Hunter using a discount ticket from a local ski shop - $15 (prepurchased ticket good on numerous mid-week dates early and late in the season), same shop has Plattekill tickets for $9 (prepurchased ticket good for any Friday in Jan, Feb).

Join a ski club many offer discount ticket to memebers for $30-35 for weekends less for mid-week.
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Yep. The ski club thing is the way to go. Clubs affiliated with the Connecticut Ski Council can buy tickets at a pretty steep discount in early October. Killington $37, Okemo $34, Sugarbush $32.
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