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Ski/Honeymoon Trip Advice

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Planning a ski trip/honeymoon for mid December this year. Both of us are beginners and want to progress to higher ability levels. We also would like a place with good night life, dining, and shopping. Looking for opinions on where to go. We have considered Buttermilk/Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, Banff, Whistler, and Northstar to name a few.

I would like your opinions before I book something.
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Good champagne.

No on Northstar. It's not honeymoon material unless you want a quick, cheap wedding in Tahoe.
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Whistler could be a good bet. I typically start skiing there in late November and it just gets better from there. There is a full range of accomodations, restaraunts, stores etc. to explore. The only drawback to whistler is that it is not a great beginners area but they do have a very good ski school. For some really nice lodging ($$$$) Chateau Whistler, Pan Pacific or the new Westin. All of them are right at the base of the ski area. Ifyou take the trip before December 18-21, you can get some great lodging/lift deals. If you decide to do this one, send me a PM and I can give your more specific info.
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Breck has good beginner terrain, great views, a good-sized town with good shopping and eatin', plus about 20mins drive (or longer if using the FREE county bus) away is silverthorne which is full of factory outlet shops, and they are great if you're into shopping (or your new wife is).

Agree with above post regarding Whistler, too. An incredible place, the village is purpose-built but if nightlife's your thing, there's plenty of it there.

Banff is nice, but the ski areas are quite a hike, and to be brutally honest, the skiing is better in Whistler (terrain).

Copper is great for beginners too, and the village is very nice, but the shoppin' and eatin' is more limited than Breck. But Copper's village is more like your postcard "ski village".
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Have you thought about Beaver Creek, Colorado? Great village atmosphere, fantastic ski terrain for Beginners and intermediates and Vail is 12 minutes away with some awsome back bowl action and nightlife.
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I really enjoyed Vail the first time I visited this past season and it looked to be an ideal resort for a honeymoon. Can't comment on the night life since I stayed in Summit Co. Great mountain, though, and lots of different kinds of terrain.

I am in the minority with regards to Beaver Creek, though. I guess it is a place to get pampered but I really didn't enjoy the skiing there. I found the snow conditions there to be crappy the day I went. The snob factor was more apparent than anywhere else I have been and while its reputation was for minimal crowds, we found ourselves waiting 15-20 minutes in line for a lift. Not the experience most seem to have there, but an honest opnion nonethelesss...
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Midwinter, Aspen would be the best pick. It has what you're looking for... skiing but also the dining, shopping, and night life that's unrivaled in North America.

For mid-December, Aspen is a little iffy. There should be ample terrain going to keep aspiring beginners entertained but it's not a sure thing.

Personally, I'd avoid anything within a 2 hour drive of Denver. With limited terrain, the slopes can get very crowded on weekends.
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A minor point: Are you folks susceptible to altitude sickness? That could put a damper on any romantic vacation!
Whistler is very cost effective and convenient. Lake Louise is beautiful and very romantic, but unless you are staying at the Chateau, its always going to be a drive to the slopes.

BTW, CONGRATS! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Unless you have an Epic fiancee, I recommend strongly that you NOT TAKE A SKI VACATION honeymoon if you are just beginners. What are you thinking? This is a sure fire recipe for early divorce or annulment. Go to the tropics and make love. Learn to ski later.
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while Park City is noy MY favorite i think it's a great destination resort that is easy to get to, has a lot to do and miles of beginner/intermediate terrain.

you could forget the skiing and still have a good time there and if you felt like it you could try some of the areas on the front side of the Wasatch - everything is very close.

oh yeah - on Sunday you should catch Brunch at Stein Erickson Lodge in Deer Valley.
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Given the December time frame Whistler should be good as far as amount of snow goes. It is not a good beginner mountain if you go it alone but with their excellent ski school you will probably have a great time. The instructors can help you find the good snow and easier ways down. Restaurants and accomodations are great and with the exchange rate you can probably afford some nice digs. I'd go with the Westin. Good luck! skidoc
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My cousin and wife honeymooned in Banff in December, and the main thing I remember was that it was dark and cold. (Short days because of the time of year) This could be a plus or a minus on one's honeymoon, I suppose.
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
A minor point: Are you folks susceptible to altitude sickness?
Whistler is very cost effective and convenient.
graaagh! Never go up the Whistler gondola with a hangover! argh.
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They will be over the altitude problem in three days! Any of the resorts you mentioned will be fine.

If you go to Banff rent a car so you can ski all three resorts. They have a shuttle, however, it is nice to be able to jump in a car in the morning and go.

I'd have to give my vote to Vail, Breck, or Copper all things considered.
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We went to Vancouver, Victoria, Banff & Lake Louise on honeymoon but in August to walk/see the sights, not to ski. I liked Canada; it seemed to combine some of the best attributes of US Americans & the English.

Even in August, it was COLD in Banff. I dread to think what Winter would be like.

Ignore these people who say you have to go somewhere hot. Do whatever you and your fiancee want. The only risk of a skiing holiday if you're both beginners is that one (or both) of you may find you don't enjoy it so it's a higher risk than some of the other options.
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Ty Webb,

I may have been out of line to jump in on this like I did above. You know what is best for you and your other half. I just wanted to say that sometimes it is not a good idea to learn new sports as a couple. Enough said. Go seize the day.
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Hi Ty. Congratulations. A couple of lodging suggestions, although I am not sure you asked. from your post it seems you are leaning towards Breck. We were married at Muggins Gulch Inn,
(crappy name). Its about 5 miles out of town so you will need a car but the setting is wonderful. They have 40 or so acres set in the middle of national forest. The Colorado Trail runs thru thier property for great Snowshoeing

another B&B that I have heard good things about but no first hand expierence is Allaires Timber Inn
It is off Main Street no car needed.

For a romantic dinner look at the Ski Tip Lodge in Keystone. We celebrate most of our anniversaries there.

Good luck and best wishes.
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Don't sweat the small stuff!
We both have fallen in love with skiing and it was a mutual decesion to go skiing on a honeymoon. She did really well her first year on skis. We only got to ski in the midwest but she is able to handle some easy blue runs in the midwest. She just has no real desire to do anything extreme or steep veritcal. She likes to cruise. We thought this would be a good chance to practice and improve together. We will be going back to Colorado at least once after our honeymoon. We will be going with our ski club to Copper or Telluride depending on when each trip is.

I appreciate all the great advice and opinions that everyone is giving. I have also talked with several great travel agents from SkiTops but the more I research, the harder it gets to decide. I am starting to look into Whistler now because they should have good snow but I am still undecided and hope many more of you will give your opinions about good mid-December locations.

Thanks to all of you for your insights!

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We spent our honeymoon in Aspen and had a great time! I would highly recommend the Aspen area for the following reasons.
The shopping, dinning and nightlife are as good as it gets.
Buttermilk is probably the best beginner hill in the US. Even with low snow years Buttermilk and Highlands will just be openning up 12/14, so the snow is usually pretty good.
The weather is way better than Whistlers. I love Whistler, but the high water content of the snow can make for some really variable conditions that can be tough even for experts.
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Why not try some New Mexico destinations? Angel Fire, Taos, Red River? Those are all great places, not too crowded for a beginner, and mostly good snow with warmer weather. But if I had MY choice, Winter Park would be it. Their's not a huge night life, but it's a great town with awesome people. For a night life the best I've seen is Breckenridge/Vail/Beaver Creek/Keystone they're all right together, and if you're looking for a change in scene every day you're there one ticket gets you lift access to any of those resorts (all being owned by Vail of course). Hey that's my 2 cents, take it or leave it! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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oh yeah, check out Winter Park and Vail's websites
Winter Park Breck vail Beaver Creek (great for newbies!!)
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I'm sure you've been told this already, but don't be embarrassed to TELL people you're on honeymoon. Virtually everywhere we stayed in Canada we got room upgrades or chocolates or champagne... if you're a bad-tempered Brit it can be a nice suprise when people are all so friendly & welcoming!

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If you're both beginners, and don't need to find 3,000 acres of double-black diamond runs or waist-deep snow, I'd go to Quebec City, and ski at any of the areas around there (Stoneham, St. Anne, Massif du Sud, etc).

The skiing will be fine and trust me, it's going to be much more romantic/exotic than any of the other places mentioned in this thread.
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i have skied all you listed and I highly recommend breckenridge for beginners+newly-weds. breckenridge has a lot of nice + easy, groomed greens.
breckenridge also has a great small town feel that you can walk to the shops + restaurants from most condos and you can probably get some great deals before christmas. there's also some on mountain dining, nite-skiing, sleigh rides, outdoor skating and other neat, wintertime, couples stuff.
try looking around on:
and take the free bus to keystone if the greens at breckenridge get too easy(your lift ticket is good at both places).
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Why not Zermatt? I did it twice (I don't mean the honeymoon part, just skiing).

Oh, BTW, it helps a lot by making no comments about how your-other-half skis. Any attempt to teach your wife to ski will positively make your honeymoon "unforgettable".

Maui would be on the top of my list. But that's just me.
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Breckenridge also has a great small town feel that you can walk to the shops + restaurants from most condos and you can probably get some great deals before christmas.
My wife and I vacationed there same time last season. Every day on the way back from the slopes we would pick up the free area newspaper. Most of the nice restaurants had coupons. Buy one entree get one free. Half off meals. Free appetizers. And so on. I ate until I could hardly walk without spending very much. I also lost a pound a day with what I worked off skiing! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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How about the Bahamas in Dec then Utah in February? Anywhere with your new bride will be delightful; so ski where it's fun and come home safe.
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[/quote]graaagh! Never go up the Whistler gondola with a hangover! argh.[/QB][/quote]

Never been without one. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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