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Utah conditions as of 12-27

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I've been to the following over the last few days. Thought I would pass along my opinion of the conditions for anyone who may be interested:

Snowbasin - Best recent snow without the #s to wear it out. Terrain open off John Paul lift is excellent when depth is considered. Worth the drive from anywhere in the area and the day lodges are very, very nice.

Deer Valley - Obviously a different type of experience and they do not have the quality / quantity of Snowbasin, but no one does a better job of making the best with what they are dealt. I thought the groomers were holding up quite well.

Brighton - Pretty crowded with boarders on Xmas break but not out of hand when I was there. Coverage better than those listed below. Runs off Great Western lift not crowded but thin as a whole.

Those above are substantially better snow cover wise when compared to:

Solitude - Very sketchy. Not much of a crowd as is the norm. Would go down the road to Brighton unless you place a high premium on solitude (no pun intended).

PCMR - Ran into people in the Snowbasin parking lot who were vacationing slopeside in Park City and still made the drive. They made the right decision.

Snowbird - Was there today (12-27). It is my guess that some of the terrain on the front and all of mineral basin would not be open if this were not a holiday week. Pretty crowded as a whole and the blues were downright unpleasent at times due to snow quality and congestion. Lots of locals leaving around noon on a warm sunny day. A world class mountain that simply needs another 18-24 inches of base.

This is just one skiers opinion, and it is worth exactly what you paid for it. Hopefully this may help someone who is looking to make the best of some scarce and expensive ski days. Also hope this does not sound to negative, but it is what it is and we need some snow!
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Is solitude really that much worse off than brighton??

I've been to brighton twice and was planning on hitting solitude instead of brighton for once...I'll be there jan 2-9.
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As of today it would be an easy decision to ski Brighton over Solitude. All things being near equal I do the opposite hands down. There was a story in the SLC paper today about the snow conditions, and a Solitude rep. said he was pleased with the conditions, but I have to respectfully disagree. What else could he really say though? Good news is all this can obviously change by your arrival next week. It sounds like we may get a decent snow this Sunday.
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very interesting...

I really hope this sunday storm brings more than they hope, and doesn't fizzle out.

They are also saying a storm tues/into wed and a weaker one friday. Lets hope the friday one picks up some steam!

Bring on the fresh snow!

I'd be curious to hear how alta compares to a place like brighton right now...
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