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Best Deal In North America

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OK, here is your chance to share your ski trip savvy with the rest of us.

What is the lowest priced, good skiing, trip in North America?

It would include:

Transfers to hotel
Lift tickets
Transfer to and from lifts

I've got my own ideas, what are yours??? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Where do you want the air from?

From LA for example you can get seven nights Ski in / Ski out accommodations, five days lift tickets, return air from LAX to KYR (Kamloops B.C., Canada), and shuttle for under $700 USD. You may even get breakfast.

This is to Sun Peaks Resort. If you're not familiar with us, we have about 3500 acres and 2891 feet of vertical on three mountains, all of which ski into one very modern, yet quaint village. The travel time from LA to Sun Peaks is similar to the time it takes to drive to Mamoth from LA.

If you go to our website( www.sunpeaksresort.com ) you can click on reservations, and then click on tour opperators. Once you get there click on the scroll down bar where it says "Canada", and click on the country you live in, and "apply".

The tour opperators listed on this page should be able to help you out. If not, email me or call me, and I will do my best to help you get what you need.

Cheers, [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Wow Vic,

That just might be unbeatable down here in the lower 48. I have seen lower priced packages, but never one that was slopeside.

My own thoughts on the subject were leaning toward Reno. It is a low cost carrier stop, so flights can be downright cheap from anywhere in the country. The casinos offer some ridiculously low priced ski packages; and there is onsite transportation to most of the area ski hills. Food and entertainment are also very reasonable. --- But none of the GOOD DEALS are slopeside!!!!

Thanks for the great info!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well, Vic is a great sales person for Sun Peaks, but his words do have clout... Sun Peaks is a great hill. But no doubt the other BC interior hills have similar deals, all slope-side, including Silver Star, Apex, and Big White. Connections are through Kelowna airport, BC, which apparently now has service from Seattle.

The BC interior hills are rarely, if ever crowded, and almost all the hotels are REAL ski in/out, ie: take off your skis at the hotel door. For the life of me, I don't know why anyone would want to ski vacation in the US and pay double or triple. I would love to ski Utah or Colorado, but I sure couldn't afford it, and who needs the crowds?
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I'll take this question a step further, who's got the best deals out there for the SINGLE traveler?
You see, I'm considered something of a deal meister by those who know me, but many of my deals can't be shared because;
a) I have airline employee trvel bennies, so airfare is never a factor.
b) I have timeshare "getaways" through a friend that can be quite cheap, e.g. 1 week in a condo @ breckenridge, sleeps 4, $230. Not pp, $230 period!
But the problem is that not every destination I'm interested in can be accessed by these avenues. But whenever I find what appears to be a great deal, I spy the dreaded "PP/DO".
Now if I had 1 or 2 cool ski buddies, this wouldn't be an issue.
But all my friends are major losers with bitchy wives and like jobs and stuff, so they're never up for trips.
So howzaboutit?
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I'm from Jersey, I"m always ready for a trip out west.......
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RC, check your PM box.
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