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cheap accomodation near Copper

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I am trying to put together a 4 week trip to Copper, January '03. I need accomodation for 2 with cooking facilities. New Zealand money does not go very far in the US so budget is the key word. If you know of any suitable places please let me know. Would consider boarding with a family if available.
Why Copper? They will allow us to buy the cheap season passes which makes the high airfares more value for money.
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How much are these Cheap season passes?
Is this only in Copper, or does that season pass include other mountains also?

I´m also thinking of going to ski that area, like Col.
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Hi Shane--if you haven't, you might want to explore around a little, starting at SummitNet.com. This web site links to a lot of resources in Summit County, including lodging.

Good luck! Let me know if I can help (I live in Silverthorne, and work at Copper).

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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If you're not working, I'd stay down the road in Georgetown. Cheapo rent for sure.
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There's also Leadville ... less traffic.
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Yeah, Leadville is about 24 miles away from Copper. Here is a site for you.

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