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Pacific NorthWest Forecast

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The fact that the author lumps Whistler in with the interior BC ski areas such as Fernie is ridiculous. They really don't share the same weather patterns. The Canadian Rockies are not Whistler. Of course, he goes on to say "The exception might be Mt. Baker and extreme northwest Washington as well as Montana where snowfall could be above normal early this winter." Thus, if Baker gets hit, Whistler will also. Of course, he counters this by noting that the Montana region will see "Mixed conditions with drought continuing in southern regions", yet manages to contradict THIS by stating that "Ski resorts such as Big Sky Resort and Bridger Bowl could see above normal early winter snows", both of which happen to be in southern Montana. Furthermore, during the winter of '98/'99 when Mt. Baker broke the world record for snowfall, southern Montana had only a slightly above average winter, with huge dumps occurring LATE in April. Yawn... :
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Pacific NorthWest Forecast

Here's Roemer's Early ski season forecast for the PNW:

CANADIAN ROCKIES/B.C. —(high confidence) — The place to be over Christmas? Could be!

Early season conditions may be some of the best in North America with above normal snows at such places as Whistler, Fernie, Sun Peaks and possibly Banff and Lake Louise. Drought conditions which have again affected the region should be replaced by colder than normal November-December temperatures with more consistent snow making for some ideal conditions. (© 2003 Ski Press Media, Inc).

Those of you who want the full report for other areas in north america, here's the link:


Woohoo!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Whistler here I come!!!!
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I've checked a few different predictions for the upcoming winter and they are showing a fairly normal prediction for temperatures and moisture in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies. The La Nina effect everyone was hoping for has turned out to be waning and should have little influence this winter. Considering the long drought the Northern Rockies have been experiencing over the past few years and the above average temperatures the whole West experienced last year a return to normal will be a major improvement.
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