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Powder Mountain or Snowbasin

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We're going to Utah next week (Wednesday-Saturday). We plan to do Brighton, Alta, and Snowbird the first three days. On Saturday, we want to do either Powder Mountain or Snowbasin. Can someone recommend which of the two would be better? We're lower level intermediates who prefer to stay on groomed trails.
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If you're looking for groomers, go to Snowbasin. Powder mountain has some great low-angle (read: easier) powder skiing, but I can't imagine going there for the groomers. Snowbasin OTOH, has tons of LONG, immaculate groomers. You can still find corduroy at 3pm.
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Rodger, I just want to add a thought here. If you are lower level intermediate skiers I would not sugjest going to Snowbird. Snowbird can be pretty intimidating mountain for lower level skiers. There are a lot of narrow cat tracks and it is easy to get confused and end up on a Black Diamond trail. I would think That Solitude would be more sdkier friendly for your group. Or maybe do a day at Deer Valley again they have some great terrain for lower level skiers and the service and food are top notch. If you stay with your Plan and want to ski Snowbird there are Mountain Host that will take you on a guided tour for 1/2 a day. They will show you the trails that would suit your ablility. Another thought is take a lession so the next time you come to visit Utah you will be able to take on the steep and deep of Snowbird.
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Thanks for the feedback. You mentioned Deer Valley as a good alternative to Snowbird for our ability level. Assuming I'm too cheap to spring for Deer Valley, would either Park City or The Canyons be good alternates?
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I'd recommend PC over The Canyons for groomers, but either one certainly has a good selection of more moderate runs - if you can find a few more pennies DV is worth it for the corduroy!
Also, with all the new snow we've just received, we should have great surface conditions for the next few weeks.
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Ok You want to save a few bucks to ski Deer Valley? At The turn off from I 80 to Park City there is a Chevron gas station They sell discounted lift tickets to Deer valley Park city and The Canyons. Like spurt said a day at Deer Valley is well worth the few extra bucks. Happy Skiing!
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We were in utah last week and did Snowbasin, Snowbird and brighton. I would never go to brighton again - its way too
small and not very well laid out.

as someone else suggested - a better bet is Park city or Deer valley.

we tried to get discounted tkts to DV - but none of the
downtown sport shops were selling it. DV is great if you are
a intermed and are looking for long groomers.
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I grew up skiing Snowbasin and Powder Mountain but I am going to have to give you a qualified answer. Powder Mountain has a lot of low angle grommers for lower intermediates and really slow lifts. Powder Mountain will generally have better snow conditions and is sort of a throw back area.

Snowbasin will have a ton of groomers but they are generally a little steeper with really fast lifts. If it is a sunny day, I would definitely go to Snowbasin because the extra steepness will likely not be a significant factor. Snowbasin may just be the next big thing in skiing with new lodges, lifts and prices to match. Personally, I ski Snowbasin a lot and Powder Mountain only after a big storm.

I agree with the others that Snowbird is not the best place for lower intermediates but is great for anyone above that level. Alta would be the better of the two.

As others have mentioned Deer Valley and Park City would also be good choices.
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