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Alyeska, Alaska ???

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Well, it looks like I may be transferred to Alaska in a year or so. I'm in Breckenridge now so I'm a little concerned what my ski life will be like. Can anyone tell me what the skiing in and around there is like? What's the snow like? Crowds? Are there any? Out of bounds skiing opportunities? thanks
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Really Tiiimmmmay? You're going to Alaska?
I don't blame you, it's getting too hot in CO!
Wow, that'll be great.
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When you fly F15's for a living, who cares what the snow is like. [img]tongue.gif[/img] Thatnks for doing your part for NORAD.
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I was fortunate to ski Alyeska resort in April on the front and back end of my trip to Valdez. Great terrain on the North Face, 40-50 degrees sustained for 2000+vert with easy lift serviced access. I would suspect that Alyeska gets crowded on weekends and is dead during the week. Location is only 40 miles from Anchorage. When you see what Alyeska has to offer I doubt you'll be missing Breck's mediocre terrain much. As for backcountry opportunities Turnagain Pass is not far from Alyeska. Mixed use-one side of the road permits snowmobile use, the other side is foot/ski travel only. Though I didn't tour here the terrain looked spectacular. Alyeska averages 700-800inches of Maritime snow per year(sometimes light often not). If you don't have a wide all mountain ski i.e. Atomic 10EX,Rossi Bandit XXX etc. I suggest you get one. Good Luck, Donny
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SnowKarver, Yep, this may happen after this coming season. A lot of loose ends to tie up but it is very likely. Keep it under your hat. I don't want the entire Ski School writing me off just yet.

Artimus, unfortunately it's not F-15s I'll be flying. It'll be MD-11s around the world. (Although I do have about 1900 hours in F-18s. Most of that SHOOTING F-15s! )

Donny, thanks. You MADE MY DAY!!! Once I get up there, come up & make some turns with me!
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