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Volant: New vs. Old

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Since Volant was bought up (by Atomic?), everyone acknowledges that they are different than the ones manufactured in Wheatridge, CO. I've gone back through the gear forum and found some isolated remarks about the new versions, but I'd like to know if anyone can tell me how they compare to the built-in-the-USA skis, and if they are, in fact, better.

The reason I'm asking is that I found a pair of never-used 2001-02 Machetes at a nearby ski store for $199, and am wondering if I should snap them up as a backup for my 2000-01 Machetes. Or are the new ones so much better that I shouldn't even consider it?

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They still bend, the caps dont delam from the edges, but the sidewalls now chip off, and for better or worse they still ski like Volants. If you liked them before you will still like them. If they felt dead, heavy and gave no feedback before to you they are still the same.
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Big difference. The edges that Atomic are putting on are much better, as are the bases. The new V2 sidewalls are much more responsive and make the ski springier w/o loosing the edge grip that we love from Volant. The ski also has a lighter swing weight.

There is no area where I think the ski has taken a step back.

$199.00 for new Machetes? Get them.

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So the question: should I buy the aforementioned (pre-Atomic) Machetes at that price or are the new versions THAT much better?
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Where's a horse jockey when you need an expert opinion?
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The 01/02 model you're considering are basically the same as the 00/01 models. If you're happy with the ones you already have then these a pretty good deal at $199. The '02/03 Machettes that I demoed last year in 165cm and 170cm (the Truth as I recall - the narrower model) were quicker and possibly more stable than the 173cm 00/01 model that I have. I think that the new ones are designed to be skied in shorter lengths. When I demoed other Volant models in longer lengths (175, 180) they seemed really long compared to the 183 Machettes and PKs that I used to have.

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Oh.. I never answered teh question. The new ones are well worth the $$ difference.
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Thanks, JimL and Phil.
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