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Tell me more about Heavenly & Lake Tahoe

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Looking for any information about the South Lake Tahoe area and Heavenly Resort. We will be there the first week of April. Feel free to comment on Restaurants, Rentals, Heavenly and more. Thank you in advance.

Mike from Mich
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Feb. and March are the stormiest months in Lake Tahoe and with the predicting storms moving in for this weekend and early next week, April should look very good in term of snow accumulation. You'll have a great time plus some awesome views of the Lake from 8000 feet above.
There are many rental places around the area. Here's the link http://tahoevacationguide.com/Activi...irentals.html. I heard good things about House of Ski.
About restaurants. The only place that we've ate in Tahoe is Harrah's Forest Buffet. Give it a try if you're up for a night of all you can eat feasting.

Have fun
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Forest room Harrahs Friday night. It's a little pricy but if you like seafood it's the place to go. Get there early or the wait is long.
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I've been to Heavenly on two different ski trips. Overall, it's a great place to go with a mixed group of abilities. There's tons of groomed cruisers for intermediates. Most of the advanced and expert stuff are on the Nevada side in Motts and Killebrew Canyons and at the top of the California side. It's a bit of a pain to go from the CA side to the NV side so plan your day accordingly.

Also, it's really difficult to get from one side to the other if the upper lifts are closed (mostly due to wind) unless you like to do lots of pushing and skating and/or hiking. If you find out that the upper lifts are closed I strongly suggest you drive to the Nevada side and ski there. When we were there a few years back we went to the CA side to start our day. After we bought our lift tickets we found out that the lifts on the upper mountain were closed. We wisely chose to drive to the Nevada entrance. We had the whole mountain to ourselves and lift lines were less than 5 minutes (rare at Heavenly). As a few people who started their day on the CA side eventually made it over the NV they said the waits for the lifts were in excess of 30 minutes. I've heard that they put in a gondola on the NV side this year so it might not be as empty as it was previously.

Also, it's really crowded on the weekends with lots of out of control skiers. But the views, especially from the CA side, are truly heavenly. Enjoy.

Talk less, ski more.
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I left a reply on your first message but for some reason that thread seems to be gone...oh well.

My wife and I just came back from 3 days at Heavenly last weekend--it was our first time at Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately Mott and Killebrew Canyons were still closed despite the storm.

What prosper said about planning your day right is absolutely right. Don't go back and forth from CA to NV more than you have to--the skating will wear you out. NV has IMO much shorter lift lines and better terrain than CA--though you should check out the views from the CA side at some point! The Boulder lodge is more bare-bones but that's where I'd recommend starting from since it's the least crowded.

Intermediates or those who love groomed blue cruisers will enjoy Heavenly most. My wife loved it. The tree skiing is decent, especially since most of the people who ride Heavenly don't take advantage of it. We had no problems finding untouched powder all day long in the trees, even just 25-50 meters from the trail. True beginners will be very limited in the amount of green terrain available--I wouldn't recommend Heavenly to novice skiers. Advanced/expert skiers who like steeps might get a little bored skiing Heavenly for more than 3 days--take a break and go to Kirkwood. Hopefully Mott and Killebrew will be open when you get there. Didn't seem like there was much in the way of terrain parks, although I wasn't looking either.

Lodges are a little small and get very crowded at lunch. Eat early (before 11:30) or late, especially on weekends.

As for the South Lake Tahoe area, it's not in the 'quaint ski town' mold. Think mini-Vegas. But if you enjoy the casino scene you'll have a good time.

Have a great time!
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Great info so far. I'm sure it's not like Steamboat as far as a town. But I think the beauty might be superior to Steamboat. Our family loves Steamboat, but looking for new places. I'm sure Heavenly with offer us the runs we are looking for.
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