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might be worth it!

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It dumped big time in Scotland at the weekend, and Cairngorm in particular looks like it might be worth the trip Tuesday/Wednesday once the gales have subsided.

Have a look
here for more...

(Me, I'm unavailable due to work commitments followed by a long-standing engagement in Switzerland.. )
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Don't tempt me!

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SSSHHH don't tell everyone, I caught a few glimpses through the cloud this evening and it looks good. I'll be first up the road after the ploughs in the morning.
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Keep us up to date Lat, I might make a trip up there this weekend if it holds!

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Well its just about as good as it gets, almost everything open with a nice coverage of packed powder with the only hazard being a herd of reindeer crossing the M1 and white lady, honestly.
You could even see the ground after miday when the cloud started to lift.
Worth the trip at the moment but who knows by the weekend.
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