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Colorado Ski Trip

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My family is planning on taking a ski trip to colorado this winter. The only thing set right now is that we will be statying at the hyatt in beaver creek. So based on that when would be the best time to go(least crowds and best chance of snow)? What would be the best resorts to visit, which ones are close? What would be the best way to way to get lift tickets? Are there any kind of multiple resort packages? The Hyat says they don't do anything with lift tickets.
there'll be an intermediate skier and two advanced. I'm looking for good snow, challenging, terrain park, some tree skiing, maybe above the trees a bit, something completely different from Holiday valley
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Garick, best time traditionally has been late march early april, that's when the snowpack has hopefully gotten it's highest and springbreak is over. I beleive a Beaver Creek ticket covers most of the areas in summit county.
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The Beaver Creek ticket is also good for Vail, Keystone and Breckenridge and I think A-Basin (at least this was the case 2 years ago).

Beaver Creek itself held our family for most of the week, and its a very easy ride over to Vail, which as you probably know is huge---so we didn't need to venture too far. Vail alone has enough variety to keep you going for days.

We were there in mid March---during spring break. The snow was great mid mountain and above; below was very slushy from noon on, which I guess is typical for spring skiing. During spring break, crowds are an issue (though less so at Beaver Creek, than at Vail).

If you really want to drop a wad for a nice dinner, go to Beano's Cabin. Very memorable.

Have a great time, and good luck!
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I was there at the end of Jan., start of Feb. last year and crowds weren't bad at all, especially midweek. Another good time to go is probably early April. Assuming a good winter there should still be plenty of snow and the crowds should be thinning out.

Beaver Creek and Vail will keep you occupied for days, but you could also try Copper, Keystone and Breckenridge for variety. A little bit farther, but still a fairly easy drive are the Aspen resorts.
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Agree with the above posts. One thing about Vail/BC is that they block out dates on the seasons passes so even on a typically busy holiday week you will find less crowds than at the other Summit County Resorts. Beaver Creek usally is less crowded than Vail. One thing I like about Beaver Creek is that there are a number of lifts that have more advanced runs that empty out onto blue cruisers so your group can ski together.

As to when, well its anyones guess.

PS. as to tickets, last year I do not think there were any discounts on single tickets for Vail/BC. Someone else may have that information.

Have fun.

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