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killington-pico connection

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when are they going to finish the connection between killington and pico? what kind of terrain is gonna be serviced? Why won't they ever connect killington with sugarbush?


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Killington is connected with Sugarbush. It's called Rt. 100.
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Yeah -

How dare people actually consider saving the A-Trail. The growth of Killington is far more important than a stupid trail that only granola munchers and tree huggers use.

I can't wait until they just pave it so I can drive the trail, as my potato chip munching, remote control hugging body could never possibly be expected to WALK it!
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How far apart are they? Would it be more feasible to construct another chair like the Slide Brook at the 'bush? I know that went over some bear territory.
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Pico & Killington's Rams Head are probably closer together, than, say, Rams Head & Killington Peak. I hiked the connector trail in October 1997, and I got a great view of it this weekend when we racing at Ascutney. I heard that Les had the political/legal okay at one point, but ran out of cash.<FONT size="1">

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