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Best Air Route to Mammoth?

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What is the best way to fly into Mammoth from the East Coast? I have done the drive from LAX and Las Vegas, but was curious about the logistics of winter travel from Reno. Reno is only a couple of hours driving from Mammoth, but I've heard the passes are frequently shut in the winter.

What do you frequent Mammoth travels recommend?
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Reno to Mammoth 3 hours. Passes are rarely closed although you may need chains or 4WD during stormy weather. About 2/3 of the trip is on 4 lane road with the first hour in civilization, ie small towns.
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My vote would be for Reno. I've made the drive 3 times, and each time it takes about 3 hours, as DesertDawg said.

Never made the drive from LAX, so I can't comment on that drive but I've heard it takes 5-6 hours. I'm not sure if 395 closes this far south due to storms, but if I had a choice of being stuck on one side of Mammoth or the other I would want to be on the North side. You can at least make it to Tahoe that way.
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