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Thinking about a 2 week (July/August 2003) trip to Portillo, Los Lenas or ??? I'd be interested in hearing your opinions, experiences if you've skied in S.A.. If you can give some insight on airlines, lodging etc, it would be helpful. I will be starting my online research soon, but thought I'd try to get some leads from seasoned skiers! Thanks!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Portillo review htm [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I’ve got a trip booked to Portillo the first week of August. This is my first trip skiing in S.A. I looked into skiing at Valle Nevado, Chile and Las Lenas, Agentina. I’m going with 2 ski buddies. 2 of us are staying at Hotel Portillo; the other guy is staying at the Octagon Lodge.

Valle Nevado is interconnected with La Parva and El Colorado. It’s one of largest ski resorts in the Americas. Las Lenas seems to be very large also. There are a few folks here and at Powdermag that really like Las Lenas. It’s steep and large.

I booked into Portillo mostly because of the mystic and allure of the resort. I’ve worked and lived with folks from Santiago and the states that have worked at Portillo. I’ve worked either for or with three SSD’s of Portillo. For me this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. So for me it was an easy choice. Check out Portillo .

Packages to Portillo are almost all inclusive. Lodging includes; 7 nights, 4 meals per day and 8 days skiing. I booked through the Moguls link at the bottom of the page. The review link posted by Xdog is good. I read that too before I booked. The transfers to Portillo through the hotel are coach type busses. They leave the airport 3 times a day. If you get stuck at the airport getting through customs or baggage claim you could miss the bus. If the road is closed to Portillo due to snow, the bus will return to Santiago and you will need a room for the night. The transfers arranged by Moguls are vans specifically for your party. They will wait for you. If the road is closed they will wait to see when the road will open. The drivers are bi-lingual and will give you some local insight to the resort. Also, the more people in the party the less it costs per person.

Airfare has been fluctuating recently about $200 per person from Boston to Santiago. We are flying Delta. It seems to be the easiest route from Boston with the fewest stops. We will make a connection in Atlanta. SCL is the airport code for the airport in Santiago, Chile.

It would be cool to hook up with a bear way south of the border for some turns. Let us know what you’ve decided.

Sorry for the length, and good luck finding the powder,

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See my comments in the thread on Termas de Chillan. I personally think LL is the place to head for down there. I wouldn't want to spend 7 days in Portillo. Definitely a medium sized area. Valle Nevado is large although mostly intermediate unless there is a lot of snow or you do a bit of hiking/touring.
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I've been looking into Las Lenas too. Definitely harder to get to, you fly to Buenos Aries and then to a city about 70km from Las Lenas. (If you really want to save about 300$ you can take a bus - it's 14 hours and like 25$)

Las Lenas definitely looks like da bomb. You pretty much go there Sat. to Sat.. It seems as if you have to count on possibly not skiing at least one day, maybe more due to weather. For that reason 2 weeks might be better. Check out the threads here and check out this site:

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I'll be in Chile in early-mid July and am lookin' at about 11 days at Las Lenas, July 14-25. Unfortunately it's high season and pretty expensive, especially goin' solo, but that's the time frame I'm stuck with. Would welcome anyone lookin' to travel around these dates who wants to team up and save some $$$.
Coming from the west coast, I'll be flying into Santiago, Chile, fly over the Andes to Mendoza, Argentina, spend a night there, then catch a bus to LL.
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look into staying in Los Molles (15-20min from LL) or Malargue (45?minutes away) it's much cheaper. Try http://www.karentravel.com.ar/eng/default.htm

[ May 04, 2003, 11:47 AM: Message edited by: Tog ]
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I will have ( and post ) the new prices for apartments( try to avoid the expensive hotels ) and transportation in Las Lenas and other Argentine resorts in a couple of days .

The resort will open on june 13 , so get ready !!!! :

Stay tuned [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Tog:
look into staying in Los Molles (15-20min from LL) or Malargue (45?minutes away) it's much cheaper. Try http://www.karentravel.com.ar/eng/default.htm
...but unless you have a car you will have to take the bus to the resort and miss at least an hour of skiing in the morning and the biweekly night skiing !
On the other hand you have the thermal baths there ( great after skiing ).

I guess that in the end is cheaper finding a cheap aparment ( avoiding the tight Las Lenas official network .
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If you want to have a really good time, go to Valle Nevado or La Parva (good BC) in Chile. Great nightlife also, a lot better than las lenas and portillo and chillan. The best snow I think is in Chillan but not the best field.
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Last Friday have fell 60cm of light powder in Valle Nevado. Saturday was amazing, defenitely I need some big fats.
Yesterday have fell 80cm more.... my office window point to the mountain.... I can't belive I'm not there. Please Saturday, come sooooon !!!!!
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Anybody got an update on Chile's conditions from experience?

Web resources seem to suggest very little new snow in the last month or so, and unusually warm temps.

I have a trip planned for Aug. 25, and I can bail as late as Aug. 15. I'm wondering if that might be prudent.

It's a lot of time trouble and expense to travel over 4000 miles to ski conditions that would be regarded as sub-par in Vermont.

Any help would be appreciated.
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